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UPDATE: Gov Bev Perdue(D-NC) Hypes Meme to Prevent GOP Super Majority in Senate 2012: Suspend Elections

Edit, September 30, 2011: Rush Limbaugh’s take on this… —————————————————- The Democrat Party faces a very real possibility of a GOP Senate super-majority in the 2012 elections. Twenty Democrat Seats, ten GOP seats and two Independent seats are up for … Continue reading

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Murkowski Certification BLOCKED by Court Ordered Injunction

Finally! A judge not in the pocket of Socialist Elites who effort rule changing to rip off Voters and line their own political pockets. On Friday Nov-19-2010, Federal District Judge Ralph Beistline ordered an injunction to halt the certification process … Continue reading

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question: What does ‘openly gay’ actually mean? re: the military

Personally I don’t give a hang what people do in privacy. There have always been gays in the military of every army that ever existed… statistically speaking. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ADMIRAL MIKE MULLEN said: “It is … Continue reading

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Obama to Senate DEMS: stay aggressive pushing my socialist agenda, follow me over the cliff

Today Obama addresses all Senate members of the DEM Party to cajole them into believing We the People do not reject a Socialist Takeover of the Federal Government. Good luck with that one, Barack! 😉 Sell them the Brooklyn bridge … Continue reading

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Hey GOP? Make Mass Senate Race a National Referendum on ObamaCare

I think this is a GREAT IDEA! Brown for US Senate.com 12-22-09 STATEMENT FROM SCOTT BROWN ON WBZ-TV DEBATE During our debate, Martha Coakley referred to higher taxes as “investments.” I call them what they are — job killers that … Continue reading

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Support for ObamaCare sinks to 38% Nationwide

From Rasmussen Polls Monday, November 23, 2009, on the heels of forward motion for the Senate ObamaCare Bill… Health Care Reform Support for Health Care Plan Falls to New Low Monday, November 23, 2009 Just 38% of voters now favor … Continue reading

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Obama to Congress: Do as I do – sacrifice reelection to unleash Socialism on an Unwilling America

Obama interview responding to question about his re-election possibilities.. Socialist Senators follow Obama’s lead; committing the act of  political hari kari before the Self-Sacrificial Alter of Marxism… Americans… you have your country at stake. Take these Socialist Senate Political Martyrs … Continue reading

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Senate throws Obama’s Baton in the dumpster; takes fiscally responsible stance and rejects abject Obama Socialism

It is not remarkable that the Socialists, who got a Bush Backlash boost in the 2006 and 2008 elections, had enough votes to dominate the US House of Representatives and pass the PelosiCare bill. It was a matter of mathematics. … Continue reading

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