Let me get this out of the way first: I have a zero tolerance approach in dealing with outright Trolls and Spammers on this website. I simply block them outright from ever seeing the light of day.

The following is a message to authorized blog commenters and those seeking authorization to comment here…

If you are an authorized commenter you were authorized because your presence is wanted and encouraged here. I don’t make the decision to authorize a new commenter lightly. All newly authorized commenters go through a vetting process prior to authorization.

If you wish to become an authorized commenter, make yourself known by entering a comment which will  automatically be placed in moderation. I will review it and if I can vet you and determine your presence is beneficial to the blog and other authorized commenters I will authorize you as a commenter. You will find us to be a friendly lot.

While we all enjoy a lively heated debate, it can be done with mutual respect and without going over the top.

Arguments which migrate into a red zone are not tolerated, thus someone who finds themselves in a red zone by pushing their POV in a provocative manner (eliciting a spiraling angry reaction of others) are on notice… Take a time out and cool off.

Peace on the blog comes first and you can expect me to intercede if an argument continues to escalate into a red zone. There are no trolls here thus there is no need for combat. If you feel a temporary desire for some combat, you can jump over to Twitter and Youtube for a while and have at it with the trolls there. I have to admit, it can be great fun for a change of pace! 😉

The purpose of the commenting feature of this blog is to bring attention to important political issues to each other and debate them. This blog’s commenting area also acts as a social gathering area.

Commenting is very highly encouraged, but only when observing the rules of etiquette pertaining to mutual respect for others and maintaining a generally peaceful and productive atmosphere between friends.

Those who repeatedly, willfully, and intentionally violate this policy are respectfully advised to consider moving to another blog where they are not held to this blog’s standard of behavior.

I believe this moderation policy to be mutually beneficial, forthright and fair.

Thanks and Best Wishes!