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Obama has a strange way of ‘Closing Guantanamo Bay,’ eh, Michael Moore?

The Pit Watch this @MMFlint (Michael Moore’s twitter & youtube username) posted video on Youtube two years ago and see dripping hypocrisy as we know it today. It must drive Michael Moore out of his mind to realize what is … Continue reading

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Murkowski Certification BLOCKED by Court Ordered Injunction

Finally! A judge not in the pocket of Socialist Elites who effort rule changing to rip off Voters and line their own political pockets. On Friday Nov-19-2010, Federal District Judge Ralph Beistline ordered an injunction to halt the certification process … Continue reading

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John F. Kennedy speaks to the Tea Party from the grave

Now is the time to stand up to the threat of Socialist Communism within the United States. While many today on the Left glorify Mao Tsu-Tung, Marx, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Socialist Communism itself, John F. Kennedy stood resolutely … Continue reading

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Doug Hoffman, a Republican rejected by the GOP in favor of a Socialist; get a clue Newt (video)

73% of GOP voters nationwide think Republicans in Congress have lost touch with their voting base Dede Scozzafava is the Spoiler, not Doug Hoffman Doug Hoffman will vote WITH the GOP and Against the SOCIALISTS… What’s not to like? Key … Continue reading

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Palin poised to Lead the Tea Party; A Focusing of the Leaderless Grass Roots Uprising

The Sarah Palin game plan I clearly see is to gather together the millions upon millions upon millions of independent thinking grass roots voters from across party lines and from across the country and focus them on key issues and on electing the candidates who will do the job the independent Thinking American Majority Demands that they do. Continue reading

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