Murkowski Certification BLOCKED by Court Ordered Injunction

Finally! A judge not in the pocket of Socialist Elites who effort rule changing to rip off Voters and line their own political pockets.

On Friday Nov-19-2010, Federal District Judge Ralph Beistline ordered an injunction to halt the certification process that would deem Lisa Murkowski the winner in her battle to hold onto the Senate seat her daddy gave her without benefit of an election, as the former Alaska Governor.


Federal District Judge Ralph Beistline in his ruling held, “In order to ensure that these serious State law issues are resolved prior to certification of the election, the Court hereby conditionally grants Plaintiff’s motion to enjoin certification of the election.” The Judge added, “[T]he results of this election shall not be certified until the legal issues raised therein have been fully and finally resolved.”

Joe Miller reacted to the ruling saying, “I am gratified to have Judge Beistline recognize that we have raised vital questions concerning the ballot review in this election. It is critical that these issues be resolved not only for this election, but for future ones in Alaska, as well. We are a nation of laws, and the law concerning this could not be clearer. We need the state law applied consistently to all ballots cast. We look forward to the state court’s interpretation of the relevant laws consistent with what the people of Alaska enacted through their state legislature.”

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77 Responses to Murkowski Certification BLOCKED by Court Ordered Injunction

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  2. arlenearmy says:

    Like I said the other day in Twitter, Joe Miller needs to go balls to the walls on Rino Murk. Make her scratch her way out of this.

  3. Angel says:

    A judge not in the pocket of Socialist Elites who effort rule changing to rip off Voters and line their own political pockets…amen girly..bout time eh?!!!:)

  4. Bob Mack says:

    Murkowski’s just another lefty who’s not quite left enough to run as a Democrat. Ergo, elephant. Kicked to the curb, now she’s…what? A loser, hopefully.

  5. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning Arlene, Angel, Bob, VF and Foxwood: I’m off into the wild blue yonder:

  6. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  7. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Sami!

    Emailed Joe. Looks like teaparty men and women have more balls than the typical RINO. I’m glad Joe is fighting. I’m so tired of the RINO bullcrap. MooCowSki lost in the primaries and should have faded away. No, she still believes in royalty.

  8. samiam60 says:

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
    We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought
    for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we
    will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s
    children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.” Ronald Reagan

  9. Foxwood says:

    VF must be sleeping in this morning Sami.

    Hang on. Let me get out the bugle.

  10. samiam60 says:

    Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation, so let’s not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources.
    Ronald Reagan

  11. Foxwood says:

    Whew, Good… Because I like a good bean and rice burrito.

  12. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Sami! Foxwood!

    Wow! Did I get some sleep last night. Woke up refreshed about 8am.
    Musta been 10 hours of sleep.

    I am feeling so much better than I have in ages… even my back is greatly improved…

    Angel, I so appreciate you coming over to the blog with your encouragement and support. {{{{{ Angel }}}}}

    Arlene, the Tea Party movement is driving the GOP Old Guard totally over the cliff. Did you see articles on George & Barbara Bush Sr interview hosted by ABC?

    Those progressive asshats crapped on the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.

    See? The gloves are coming off… the Old Guard is scared Sh!tless of our grassroots coalition. And well they should be. We are MAD AS HELL and we are in the MANY MANY MILLIONS and we are done taking BS from the GOP Old Guard playing their Good Cop/Bad Cop BS with the Socialists.

    They are about to get their ass handed to them like a Million Points of Light.

    See… there are two sections of the Progressive Plantation, and rest assured the Socialists in Power are pow-wowing the the GOP Old Guard trying to herd us all back to the way it was. I don’t think McCain’s refusal to take Obama on head on, and stifling Sarah Palin, was a screw up… I think it was intentional and a back door deal with the Socialists. How IN HELL does a candidate get a pass on full vetting disclosure? Not even producing his long form birth certificate and his school records? The GOP Old Guard let that happen on purpose.

    Can you say King George?

    It is 1773 all over again.

  13. Foxwood says:

    Email is down also… 😦

  14. Foxwood says:

    VF, see if you can send an email to me.

  15. Foxwood says:

    Ok… still having other isssues…

  16. Flannery says:

    That’s one roadblock installed. Now we can watch Murki…murka…murkor…You know, one of these days, I gotta learn to pronounce her name right!!

  17. m2 says:

    Fox! UR twitter profile was suspended!!!

  18. m2 says:

    Has someone hacked your computer?

  19. m2 says:

    PS. Lisa M. can SUCK IT! She’s not even fit for the Democrat party.

  20. arlenearmy says:

    Hello all. What’s going on with Twitter?

  21. arlenearmy says:

    On my tweet deck it has a “null” on your profile & all your following & followers says “0” . Not sure why. I tried to DM you, but it wont go thru. I’ll try it on my regular computer.

  22. VotingFemale says:

    Hiya Flan,

    Foxwood got her name down pat…


    Flannery says

    That’s one roadblock installed. Now we can watch Murki…murka…murkor…You know, one of these days, I gotta learn to pronounce her name right!!

  23. VotingFemale says:


    Seems your Twitter Account is suspended… been a bad boy?
    If you did that yourself, you will find it to be permanent for that Twitter ID and email address.

    Also a heads up to anyone thinking of canceling a tweeter account: it can not be undone. You can, however, change your tweeter name without losing everything… and have multiple tweeter accounts.

  24. Foxwood says:

    My new twitter account is FoxwoodAF…

    I’m in a mood. I need music…

  25. Bob Mack says:

    VF, you or anybody else having problems with WordPress since they installed the link and sort function the other day? I lost two posts after I hit the save draft button, they came back blank. Also seems to sometimes give me problems now when I add (or at least try to add) graphics.

  26. VotingFemale says:

    Bob, I have not run into that bug. yikes!!! Thanks for the heads up.

    The java scripts do get hosed up from time to time though and the editor gets weirded out.

    Reboot fixes it if it’s a java problem. Go to to get the latest version.

    Also, I use Firefox exclusively for wordpress… less problems than Internet Explorer but Firefox is a memory hog so take that into account. I now run 4 gig of ram. Thank Goodness for That!

  27. Bob Mack says:

    VF, been using Firefox exclusively for abt 3 years, & Java is latest. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the latest WP enhancement. I was writing a post right after they did the change over, & lost it when I tried to save. One other post got lost, & graphics somehow got lost upon publish. Anyway, let me know if you or anybody has problems. In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to save copy on office, then paste over to WP.

  28. Foxwood says:

    Burnin’ Sky
    Bad Company

    The sky is burnin’ I believe my soul’s on fire,
    You are, I’m learning, the key to my desire.

    Waiting for the van to arrive,
    The prisoners were lined up outside.
    Jumped a wall, hitched a ride,
    and now I’m here to say;
    Love you, baby, anyway, oh, yeah.

    The sky is burnin’ I believe my soul is on fire,
    You are, I’m learning, the key to my desire.

    Ran across the country fields, in all terrain,
    they had guns and dogs and everything.
    Swam a river try’n to lose my trail,
    But they caught me, under the bridge. Oh yeah!

    The sky is burnin’ I believe my soul’s on fire,
    You are, I’m learning, the key to my desire.

    Oh, yeah.

    The sky is burnin’ I believe my soul’s on fire,
    You are, I am learning, the key to my desire.

    The judge said, ‘this man’s a danger to humanity,
    We’re gonna lock him up and throw away the key’
    Now, baby, your love has sent me to jail
    But I’d rather die than see you with another man

    It’s burnin’ baby, mm, mm; I believe my souls on fire

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    It’s burnin’, yeah, it’s burnin’.
    I believe my souls on fire,
    Keep on burnin’,
    Ah, yeah, yeah, ah, oh, oho. Keep on burnin’

  29. Foxwood says:

    Sometimes I feel like I forged my own chains…

  30. Foxwood says:

    Thank you friend. 🙂

  31. arlenearmy says:

    Now that I remember, I think I heard that Murkowski was a cocaine snorter. Could that be why she look bug eyed all the time?

  32. arlenearmy says:

    Darn … twitter dont give option to temporarily park one’s account?

  33. M. Joseph Sheppard's Recovering Liberal says:

    Adrienne can I ask your advice regarding C4P?

  34. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning everyone. Time for some laughs:

  35. samiam60 says:

    Mission Completed:

  36. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  37. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Sami!

  38. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Sami! Foxwood, you “Wild & Crazy Guy!” lol

    Alcohol and Keyboards don’t mix well. Ask me know I know! 😉

  39. VotingFemale says:

    You can change the status of a Twitter account to private and that effectively “parks it.” I am still learning the ins and outs of Tweeter but working on it.

    As I understand, you can create a new twitter ID under your account and a transfer of followers and followed will occur IF you follow Twitters directions to the letter when you do that. It is a second user ID for the same Twitter account which is tied to the email account supplied by you when the account was created. WordPress allows you to have multiple blogs under one account… but if you delete your WP account it is gone forever as is all those associated blogs.

    WTTW Dont delete a Twitter or WordPress account.

    arlenearmy says

    Darn … twitter dont give option to temporarily park one’s account?

  40. VotingFemale says:

    I have one User ID webwide, with one Twitter Account and one WordPress account. I treat my User ID accordingly.

    I think we all here know that some folks view the internet as the devil’s playground and use throwaway IDs/Accounts as hider accounts/IDs to get into mischief.

    tisk tisk tisk

  41. Foxwood says:

    Is it time for All Arabs and Practicing Muslims to be Registered with the TSA?
    By Steve Cooper
    The Conservative

    Is it time for All Arabs and Practicing Muslims to be Registered with the TSA? Is this cruel? No, it is not, but the left wingers that want to turn the USA into a police state will say it is. The LEFT do not want to have any one group singled out, because they want all citizens to be locked down. This is how these fascists think.

    Resources are being wasted by targeting people that are not Muslims or Arabs in the airports. Lets face it, the majority of terrorists are Arab Muslims and not little old white ladies. It is time to profile, because the focus has to be on the threat. We may not be at war with Islam, BUT they are at war with us.

    Read more:

  42. VotingFemale says:

    I have a topic and researched material for a new blogpost which I am working on this morning. I will be back with it as soon as it is finished.

    War is Hell. I am a warrior who brings hell to the enemy on the battlefield of words and ideas with my blog battleship and flying the skies of twitter in my A-10 Twitter Warthog.

    Fill your hands you socialist sons of bitches.

  43. Foxwood says:

    Funnier than Shiite.

  44. Foxwood says:

    Rush: Get your hands off my teabags!

  45. AFVET says:

    John Wayne for President !!!!!!!!!!
    George Patton for defense secretary !!!!!

    Any additions to the administration we can only dream of ?

  46. Angel says:

    added ya to my esteemed blogroll..Heh have a great day despite the madness hun!!:)

  47. AFVET says:

    Hey folks, Roxy has a great post up pertaining to the ignorance of the people that are pontificating on the eligibility of the Founding Fathers.
    Worth a look.

  48. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone!

  49. tellitlikeitis says:

    TSA = Total Sexual Abuse

  50. tellitlikeitis says:

  51. tellitlikeitis says:

    Wow!!! This takes the cake!!!

    The so-called ground zero mosque recently applied for a $5 million federal grant from a fund designed to rebuild lower Manhattan after 9/11, reports The Daily Beast’s John Avlon.

    Developers of the controversial Park51 Islamic community center and mosque located two blocks from ground zero earlier this month applied for roughly $5 million in federal grant money set aside for the redevelopment of lower Manhattan after the attacks of September 11, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the matter.

    The audacious move stands to reignite the embers of a divisive debate that dominated headlines surrounding the ninth anniversary of the attacks this fall, say people vested in the issue.

    The application was submitted under a “community and cultural enhancement” grant program administered by the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation (LMDC), which oversaw the $20 billion in federal aid allocated in the wake of 9/11 and is currently doling out millions in remaining taxpayer funds for community development. The redevelopment board declined to comment on the application (as did officials from Park51), citing the continuing and confidential process of determining the grant winners.

    While news of the application has not previously been made public, developer Sharif El-Gamal outlined it in closed-door meetings, according to two individuals he spoke with directly. The thirtysomething, Brooklyn-born El-Gamal is motivated more by real estate ambition—one of these sources describes him as aspiring to be the next Donald Trump—than Islamic theology or ideology.

    Park51’s developers clearly have a legal right to apply for the grant. A list of Frequently Asked Questions that accompanied the application specifically states that religious organizations can make funding requests for capital projects “as long as the request is for a facility or portion of a facility that is dedicated to non-religious activities or uses.” According to an individual familiar with the Park51 application, it requests funds to cover a number of cultural, educational and community development aspects of the proposed 13-story building—but the prayer room is excluded from the grant application.

    But the question on whether they could have is trumped by the question of whether they should have.

    But the question on whether they could have is trumped by the question of whether they should have. The stated aim of the Park51 developers is to provide a community center for lower Manhattan’s 4,000 Muslim residents. Their own website explained that they understood the need to “appeal to the undecided, and change the conversation about Muslims in America.” It’s pretty clear that this play for federal dollars will generate none of that, starting with the lack of disclosure or community consultation before developers submitted their application, which was due November 5.

    “If Imam Feisal and his retinue want know why they’re not trusted, here’s yet another reason,” says Irshad Manji, author of The Trouble with Islam and director of the Moral Courage Project at NYU, when I asked her about the grant proposal. “The New Yorkers I speak with have questions about Park51. Requesting money from public coffers without engaging the public shows a staggering lack of empathy—especially from a man who says he’s all about dialogue.”

    As a witness to the 9/11 attacks and someone who currently lives in the revived neighborhood, I can tell you that anger over the Park51 project was more intense outside the community than within it.

    After all, the local community board approved the Park51 development in two separate votes—and the right of the project to proceed was honorably affirmed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg against a torrent of criticism this fall. Politicians across the country tried to turn the development into a partisan political football, including notable ads from Florida’s Governor-elect Rick Scott (“Obama’s Mosque”) and the newly elected North Carolina Republican Congresswoman Renee Elmers

  52. tellitlikeitis says:

    Hey Jimmy! Habitat for humanity is looking for a few good carpenters. You are no longer a president and nobody cares what you think so go back into retirement please. You should be happy that Obama has taken the title away from you as the worst president ever!

    Carter: Fox commentators have ‘deliberately distorted’ news
    By Kevin Bogardus – 11/21/10 03:00 PM ET

    Jimmy Carter said Sunday that Fox News commentators such as Glenn Beck have “deliberately distorted” the news.

    Speaking on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday, the former Democratic president took aim at the cable news channel climate, often a target for President Obama, and says he tries to avoid the cable chatter.

    “The talk shows with Glenn Beck and others on Fox News, I think, have deliberately distorted the news. And it’s become highly competitive,” Carter said. “And my Republican friends say that MSNBC might be just as biased on the other side in supporting the Democratic Party, the liberal element.”

    The ex-president said opinions about the two channels were “part of give and take” in politics in the United States. Carter also believes CNN has suffered from trying to remain nonpartisan in comparison to Fox and MSNBC.

    “And I think CNN, more than others, has kind of tried to play the middle to their detriment as far as viewership is concerned and profits are concerned,” Carter said.

    Carter spoke about his relationship with the press during his one term in the White House. He said he was treated unfairly by reporters while president, but Carter also blamed himself, saying he could have reached out more to the press.

    “Yes, I think I should have had a much more assiduous desire when I got into the White House to court the friendly relationship and a compatible and mutually trustworthy relationship with the key members of the press corps,” Carter said. “There’s no doubt about that.

  53. tellitlikeitis says:

    What a coincidence!

    Woman who told Obama she was ‘exhausted’ loses job
    56 minutes ago
    Loading… Share No Thanks Must Read?Thank YouYes 62
    WASHINGTON — The woman who told President Barack Obama that she was “exhausted” from defending him and his economic policies and waiting for the change she expected after voting for him has another reason to be put out: She’s lost her job.

    Velma Hart, the chief financial officer for Am Vets, a veteran services organization based in Maryland, said Monday in an interview with CNBC that she was laid off as part of the nonprofit’s effort to cut expenses.

    “I want to focus on the positive and be optimistic,” said Hart, who lives in Upper Marlboro, Md. “And assume that somehow things will work out, that there’s an opportunity out there with Velma’s name on it that’s right around the corner.”

    Am Vets executive director Jim King told The Washington Post that the nonprofit was looking for ways to survive financially.

    “It’s not anything she did,” King told the Post for a story that appeared online Monday. “She got bit by the same snake that has bit a lot of people. It was a move to cut our bottom line.”

    In September, during a town hall-style meeting on the economy televised by CNBC, Hart told Obama: “Quite frankly, I’m exhausted. Exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the man for change I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now.”

    Hart said that the recession had taken an enormous toll on her family and left her and her husband worried about their finances. “And quite frankly, Mr. President, I need you to answer honestly,” she said, “Is this my new reality?”

    Obama responded, in part: “As I said before, times are tough for everybody right now. So I understand your frustration.” He went on to cite examples of administration policies that he argued were helping families cope financially.

    Hart told CNBC that she still supports Obama and noted that the economy is improving, though she finds the prospect of unemployment “scary.”

  54. Bob Mack says:

    VF, no problems with WP editor since the other night. Hopefully whatever their bug was, they worked it out.

  55. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!!!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!!!

  56. Foxwood says:

    N. Korea has attacked S. Korea this morning. Keep your ears open.

  57. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Sons and Daughters of Liberty!

    It’s one less day of Obama in office. He can’t run from the clock.


  58. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Bob! That is some good news about the editor. whew!

  59. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Foxwood!

    I read South Korea scrambled F-16 Fighters and they returned fired on the North gun emplacements bombarding SOKO’s coastal land.

    These skirmishes historically don’t last long.

  60. VotingFemale says:

    My sleep is unreal last few days. To bed about 9pm and up at 8am. I haven’t slept these many hours in eons. Normally, 7 hrs is it regardless of how much I might want to sleep longer.

    Tomorrow will be different though. Alarm clock day.

  61. Foxwood says:

    I really need to sleep longer. I just can’t seem to do it.

  62. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

  63. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Tellit!

  64. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Morning VF!

    Thanksgiving Revenge! lol!

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