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EPA to Attack US Economy by declaring CO2 toxic; without CO2, all plant life would die

CO2 is the ‘OXYGEN’ of All Plant Life on the Globe Plant Life Converts CO2 to OXYGEN The far more greater  eminent danger to our US economy, thus the well being of each of our lives in the near term, … Continue reading

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Obama wants America to Hate Itself; 911-NYT Trials is proof of Rev Wright/Bill Ayers Teachings

Here is a preview of the coming Barack Obama WMD: the ‘Shaming of America’ Agenda If there was any doubt in any American’s mind as to why Obama decided to move the trials of the five Islamic Jihadist Illegal War … Continue reading

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Lou Dobbs – moving his advocacy journalism elsewhere; Walks away from CNN, a sinking ship; UPDATE: John King is replacement

Lou Dobbs announced on air Wednesday November 11, 2009, his decision to leave CNN effective immediately, a media company he helped create. “Over the past six months, it has become increasingly clear that strong winds of change have begun buffeting … Continue reading

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Hate Crimes Law will Strengthen Conservatism, Weaken Leftists; the unintended consequences

Mmmmm… many Conservatives may be scratching their heads over the title of this blogpost. How on God’s Green Earth could the chilling effects of the newly passed Hate Crimes Law be of any benefit to those who oppose the chilling … Continue reading

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Senate throws Obama’s Baton in the dumpster; takes fiscally responsible stance and rejects abject Obama Socialism

It is not remarkable that the Socialists, who got a Bush Backlash boost in the 2006 and 2008 elections, had enough votes to dominate the US House of Representatives and pass the PelosiCare bill. It was a matter of mathematics. … Continue reading

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Comrade Obama Refuses to Celebrate Failure of Communism in Berlin; spurns Berlin Wall Invite; “Ich bin Beschäftigt” (I’m too busy)

The Obama Berlin Wall Celebration Snub; yet another dot to connect, Americans. Comrade Obama tells Germany he is just too too busy… and ignoring the fact he was not too busy to go to Denmark with Michelle and Oprah to … Continue reading

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America Will Not Go Down Without A Fight; NJ and VA Defeats sent Loudest of Message; YOU CAN RUN DARTH OBAMA BUT YOU WILL NOT PREVAIL

The opening Two Battles of Political War Against Socialism & Communism of DARTH OBAMA and his ARMY of CLONES were Fought & Won Last Night. Socialists Defeat in Virginia and New Jersey by the Reagan Conservative Patriots. Enjoy your Victory … Continue reading

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Obama Love Stimulus Package… By God, opps… I mean… By Me, I deserve worship, damn it!

The Classic Obama Dilemma: which action results in the least amount of increase in my Obama Hate Stats??? Decisions Decisions…. woo is me… woo is me… what decisions do I pick that yields the least amount of political hatred? And, … Continue reading

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Palin Nails Socialist RINO Scozzafava to the WALL; BarackObama.com Bombshell revealed

Make No Mistake Sarah Palin is the HERO in the Sordid Mess A Fact the RNC tries to Spin Away Earth to RNC Do you hear us now? Newt Gingrich, by word and deed is also a RINO Dede Scozzafava, … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Backed Hoffman Severely Beats out Scozzafava in polls; Dede Withdraws; GOP switches support to Hoffman

*Breaking News* Doug Hoffman Wins Conservative Political Battle as the true conservative candidate The RNC Backed candidate Dede Scozzafava was the Vote Splitter, not Doug Hoffman. Trailing Doug Hoffman by 16% in the Siena poll conducted Oct. 27-29 and released … Continue reading

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