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amnesia-prone Clinton giving himself credit for GOP inheritance

Bill Clinton at a fund-raiser for Rep Maurice Hinchey in Binghamton New York on October 10, 2010: Talk about amnesia… I was there during the Bush Sr. administration and watched President Bush the senior set in motion the economic recovery … Continue reading

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Sean Bielat vs Barney Frank OCT-11-2010 Debate audio and commentary

Sean Bielat wants a Televised Debate but Barney Frank didn’t want to do that Sean Bielat vs Barney Frank for the Massachusetts 4th District seat in the US House of Representatives. Barney Frank, instead, insisted on a radio debate substitute, … Continue reading

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The Next Massachusetts Miracle: Sean Bielat and the Massachusetts Regiment of Tea Party Patriots MARCH Once Again

The Voters of Massachusetts stood up to Obama’s Big Government when we campaigned to elect Scott Brown to the Massachusetts’ People’s Seat in the Senate and WE  NOW have the scent of Barney Frank in our nostrils MONEY BOMB For … Continue reading

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Obama’s Failing War on Reality; it is antipathy to Socialism, Barack

Below is an example of a typical Socialist tactic of personal attack on voters of whom they enjoy no support. Progressives can’t allow voiced opposition opinion to go un-smeared… after all, voiced opposition opinion is a exclusively privileged leftist entitlement … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Victorious in First Battle of the Second American Revolution; The Patriot’s Revolt against Tyranny of the DC Socialists

The Tyrannical DC Socialists know in their hearts of hearts… when they lost Massachusetts …they lost America. Americans will not go down on our knees before the DC Socialist Tyrants or any other Tyrants… EVER.

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Massachusetts Regiment of Tea Party Patriots? SEIU Legion of Purple Rogues? It’s Election Day! LETS ROLL!!; Update: photo of ballots for Scott Brown

Today is the Day of DAYS, Massachusetts! Now Lets March on Massachusetts Voting Polls and show these Extremist Socialist DC Tyrants WE MEAN BUSINESS! Lets give those Extremist DC Tyrants the Present… That Keeps on Giving That 41st VOTE!!! . … Continue reading

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Camp Obama projects Coakley loss in Mass Special Election; UPDATE: CNN SCRUBBED their report!

Revenge is indeed best served cold Not only did Obama fail to fill the hall in Massachusetts this evening by a significant margin… not only did Obama get heckled again and again and at one point was forced to leave … Continue reading

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Coakley to Mass Voters: “Curt Schilling (Scott Brown supporter) is a Yankees Fan”; That’s equiv to telling voters Obama is a Republican; On What PLANET do you live?!?!; Update: Response from Curt Schilling

Curt Shilling is to Massachusetts Voters as Obama is to DEM Party African Americans Curt Shilling is the Red Sox Pitcher who brought the Boston Red Socks to victory in the 2004 World Series for the first time in 86 … Continue reading

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MSNBC’s take on Scott Brown? Vote 10 times to keep ‘those bastards out’; Ed? you gonna do a shooting spree next?

And now… MSNBC’s solution for dealing with ‘those [Republican]  bastards’ in “Massachusettes,” lol. Let ‘er Rip, Ed  Schultz, you rabid moonbat trollie! H/T to Nice Deb. This is a scream, girlfriend! I don’t know about anyone else but MSNBC should … Continue reading

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SEIU flips Obama the Purple Finger of Fate; campaigns for Scott Brown (no, I’m not kidding)

H/T to Gateway Pundit by way of RedMass for the heads-up on this eye boggling turn of events… Update: A hardy Thank You goes out to sister American patriot, Michelle Malkin, for her front page recognition of this blog post. … Continue reading

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