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question: What does ‘openly gay’ actually mean? re: the military

Personally I don’t give a hang what people do in privacy. There have always been gays in the military of every army that ever existed… statistically speaking. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ADMIRAL MIKE MULLEN said: “It is … Continue reading

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Obama to Senate DEMS: stay aggressive pushing my socialist agenda, follow me over the cliff

Today Obama addresses all Senate members of the DEM Party to cajole them into believing We the People do not reject a Socialist Takeover of the Federal Government. Good luck with that one, Barack! 😉 Sell them the Brooklyn bridge … Continue reading

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Obama: “I didn’t say anything negative about Las Vegas”; Progressive History Revisionism (abortion of a ‘mistake’)

If factual history is inconvenient to Progressives/Socialists/Communists why… just rewrite history. Simple, huh? They have been rewriting American school books for years editing out the portions they don’t approve of and inserting the Socialist/Marxist approved version of history. Read your … Continue reading

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