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Humorous video murder of children? Only to sick ‘Global Warming’ socialist freaks

If you haven’t seen the video produced and released by the Global Warmer group called 1010Global, you should see it only to understand the depths to which these socialist/communist freaks will go in attempts to force their agenda on children … Continue reading

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Socialist Snuggie Buddies

No words can communicate what this picture says… AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The socialists are too drunk on their congressional majority and occupation of the White House to stop committing political suicide and the more they eat, drink, and spend the country into … Continue reading

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Fear of truth forces UN press conference holder to flee stage and call for an armed guard

H/T to Mike Flynn at BigGovernment for lifting this topic into the blogosphere and Rosehips for the heads up. Watch as UN Global Warming Emergency Hoaxer, Stanford Professor Stephen Schneider runs away from polite and legitimate questions ask of him … Continue reading

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Al Gore: The earth core is 2 million degrees… geothermal energy is new; This guy is a scientific Moron!

Al Gore REMOVES ALL DOUBT that he has no grasp of Science yet no one seems to have told him he doesn’t. Face it Gore… your credibility was shot in the ass as soon as you said you invented the … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin calls out Gore as a Climategate DENIER

“Vice President Gore, the Climategate scandal exists. You might even say that it’s sort of like gravity: you simply can’t deny it.” – Sarah Palin from: The Washington Post Op-ed and Response to Climate Change and Gravity

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Climategate bigger than Watergate; Al Gore’s Credibility is Permanently Destroyed

Quote from Frugal Café: Breathtaking chutzpah here. And so fitting that the person who uploaded this video to YouTube goes by the moniker HorseofPaulRevere. Also love how the reporter is speaking French, but the sign demanding that CBC cover ClimateGate … Continue reading

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Al Gore: I invented Global Warming after I invented the internet, right Jon Stewart?

Can a Nobel Socialism/Marxism Prize be created for the likes of Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama so folks who actually deserve a Nobel Peace Prize can get one? How about a Nobel Prize for Global Bullsh!t? I am … Continue reading

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Climate WARMer’s Global Conspiracy; Ugly Science of Lies Uncovered at Last

‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ An invention of Socialist Climate WARMers who did it for the money I have long followed the Global Warming debate and controversy, its Socialist Politicization, and the salivating greed of companies like General Electric who have eagerly … Continue reading

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Support for ObamaCare sinks to 38% Nationwide

From Rasmussen Polls Monday, November 23, 2009, on the heels of forward motion for the Senate ObamaCare Bill… Health Care Reform Support for Health Care Plan Falls to New Low Monday, November 23, 2009 Just 38% of voters now favor … Continue reading

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Van Jones – Obama Will Miss His Racist Radical Communist Pal; Obama? Your Crap just gets deeper

Poor innocent little Van Jones… BOO HOOTIE HOO HOO HOO HOOOO!!!

Oh, and then there is that “smear” where Glenn Beck forced Van Jones to Sign the 911-TRUTHER Petition declaring Bush a de facto War Criminal who promoted the Islamic Attacks during the day of September 11, 2001, on New York City and the Pentagon. Continue reading

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