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Socialists Select Their “Man of the Year” (who crapped on the US Flag)

Just to prove to voters how arrogant and extremist the Socialists truly are, they use their media to promote Obama’s Wall Street protester thugs. This is the picture that should be on the cover of Time: Thankfully in the minds … Continue reading

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NY-23 race is driving Newt Gingrich & Michael Steel to GOP Changes for the better; Socialists claimed victory, but a Conservative Battle Was Won for America

H/T to my friend Vicki at Frugal Cafe for above graphic NY-23 race is now giving concrete direction for Newt Gingrich and Michael Steel to make changes for the GOP battle plans going forward. Though Socialists like Speaker of the … Continue reading

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Woe be to Public Figure Republicans who wage personal attacks and crap on Sarah Palin going forward… word to the wise

Woe be to Public Figure Republicans who wage personal attacks and crap on Sarah Palin going forward… word to the wise. You will get your political reputation kicked clean into orbit. Reagan Fiscal Conservatives have Sarah’s back. I mean this … Continue reading

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Palin Nails Socialist RINO Scozzafava to the WALL; BarackObama.com Bombshell revealed

Make No Mistake Sarah Palin is the HERO in the Sordid Mess A Fact the RNC tries to Spin Away Earth to RNC Do you hear us now? Newt Gingrich, by word and deed is also a RINO Dede Scozzafava, … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Backed Hoffman Severely Beats out Scozzafava in polls; Dede Withdraws; GOP switches support to Hoffman

*Breaking News* Doug Hoffman Wins Conservative Political Battle as the true conservative candidate The RNC Backed candidate Dede Scozzafava was the Vote Splitter, not Doug Hoffman. Trailing Doug Hoffman by 16% in the Siena poll conducted Oct. 27-29 and released … Continue reading

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