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Sarah Palin joins contributors Karl Rove, and Newt Gingrich as contributor at FOXNews; confirmed

Now we know the next weapon Sarah Palin Reloaded as she goes on air as a contributor at FOXNews in 2010. Ohhhh… what a year of liberal whining this will be what with the mid-term elections and all. And, bashing … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin, a Media Star; Obama, Media Liability

TV Entertainment Media Companies ‘Instinctively’ know a winner when they see one and Sarah is a Massively Popular Political Media Star. Sarah ROCKED not only the TV Entertainment House with her autobiography reading Duo with William Shatner on Conan O’Brien’s … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Backed Hoffman Severely Beats out Scozzafava in polls; Dede Withdraws; GOP switches support to Hoffman

*Breaking News* Doug Hoffman Wins Conservative Political Battle as the true conservative candidate The RNC Backed candidate Dede Scozzafava was the Vote Splitter, not Doug Hoffman. Trailing Doug Hoffman by 16% in the Siena poll conducted Oct. 27-29 and released … Continue reading

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