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Hate Crimes Law will Strengthen Conservatism, Weaken Leftists; the unintended consequences

Mmmmm… many Conservatives may be scratching their heads over the title of this blogpost. How on God’s Green Earth could the chilling effects of the newly passed Hate Crimes Law be of any benefit to those who oppose the chilling … Continue reading

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Palin Nails Socialist RINO Scozzafava to the WALL; Bombshell revealed

Make No Mistake Sarah Palin is the HERO in the Sordid Mess A Fact the RNC tries to Spin Away Earth to RNC Do you hear us now? Newt Gingrich, by word and deed is also a RINO Dede Scozzafava, … Continue reading

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The Fringe Media is afraid this is going to “LEAK OUT” and get their Chosen One all Wee-Wee’ed Up!

The Fringe Media is afraid this is going to “LEAK OUT” and get their Chosen One all Wee-Wee’ed Up! From Rasmussen Reports Poll on Friday October 23, 2009: Trust on Issues Voters Trust Republicans More On 10 Top Issues … Continue reading

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MAUREEN DOWD, a case of Leftist Irrelevancy

Poor thing… no Bush to beat on …Obama is screwing up on a daily basis. What is a frustrated Socialist/Marxist Bloggette like  Maureen Dowd to do? Rummage around and invent stuff to complain about is about all these days. Such … Continue reading

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USAToday, going down the tubes; Wall Street Journal takes the No 1 Spot

Poor ole Fringe Media… there is but little Socialist Gold left in them thar hills. USAToday has reported a further 17% drop in circulation; a slump in their sales amounting to an additional 17% avoidance of people who are fed … Continue reading

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Congressional Black Caucus RACEers are the Black Version of the KKK

No members of any race shall use their race or the race of others a weapons in society or politics.

The RACERer members of the CBC are going down for it and fair minded people will see to it that it happens… and these CBC RACEers will wail all the way down to the bottom of the well… YOU ARE ALL RACISTS!

F U Congressional Black Causus RACEers… slither back to your Socialist Rock Piles. Continue reading

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ABC CBS NBC – Kamikaze Media, Ignored Hurricane ACORN; not Your Grandfather’s Main Stream Media Anymore

Ohh… the slow motion fall from grace and relevancy has been like watching three Japanese Zeros in slow motion colliding against a mighty US Battleship… The American Main Stream Public.

First real eye opener for me was two back-to-back interviews with the GOP Vice Presidental Nominee, Sarah Palin. Enter Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson.

The Kamikaze Media’s hatred of Sarah’s charm, popularity, and political appeal, which were eclipsing Obama’s, was so thick it dripped like cold molasses down the arm of a two year old licking a spoonful of it.
Continue reading

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Barack “Mr Flash My RA Eyes” Obama, Called Out as the Liar he is by Joe the Congressman with an example of an Obama Lie

Who has noticed that Barack uses the whites of his eyes as a non-verbal signal he is on the War Path??? Watch him from now on and you will see it. Obviously, Barack found the time to watch the movie Stargate in which Jaye Davidson played the part of RA, an Egyptian God… mmmm… much as Obama plays the part of BO, Self-Appointed Hawaiian Man-God. Last Night, Obama the All Powerful was called out as the LIAR HE IS, to his FACE, in front of the Entire Joint Session of the US Congress on an Internationally Televised Broadcast. It is history making in that the Man-God BO finally got a Town Hall Comment he has so carefully orchestrated not to ever face.

Obama says he will pay for ObamaCare by eliminated Govt waste and inefficiencies…
LIAR! Obama Just Spent $1.66 Billion on Govt waste and inefficiencies to give away $1.22 Billion to dealers for cash for clunkers. Continue reading

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Obama Gives Almost Apology after calling Cambridge Police Stupid; the FOP Supported McCain-Palin; Socialist Race Politics at its Ugliest

Barack Obama struck a blow to the face of the Cambridge Police Department… some remember the Faternal Order of Police sided with John McCain during the 2008 Presidential Election. Continue reading

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Attacks on Palin is symptomatic of the Dying of the Mainstream Media, drip by drip, day by day

Regarding the Media Maelstrom against Sarah Palin: Now… an admission from one of the Liberal Journalists subjecting the Sellout by the Liberal Media on the political alter for their 30 pieces of Judas Silver.

And, who have they really sold out? They sold out themselves… sold out the trust of the American People who formerly depended on the Media to be the watch dog of Government… not it’s Lap Dog and certainly not to play an active role as the Media Arm of the Democratic Party. Continue reading

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