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CNN Joy Behar- preoccupied with booger eating; advocates use of Presidential Authority to Silence Free Speech

Joy Behar? I trust you will read this blogpost… knowing insecure snits like you google your own name every day for your iScrapbook. From: CNN’s Website Joy Behar said, “It’s no surprise the Glenn Becks of the world have been … Continue reading

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Hey Valerie Jarrett? Here’s some Bias! Go Declare War On It! snicker sincker

The Only Good Bias is YOUR Bias, Right Valerie??? AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA So-Called ‘Truth to Power’ speaker, Valerie Jarrett runs when confronted with her slobbering love affair of MSNBC’s Obama Worshiping Bias: Valerie Jarrett Get’s Punked on CNN for attacking FOX News … Continue reading

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Valerie Jarrett Get’s Punked on CNN for attacking FOX News

It seems even CNN can figure out… going along with Barack Obama’s War On FOX will hurt CNN in the end. Their ratings have dropped to last place and FOX News ratings have been boosted another 10% during the White … Continue reading

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