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Obama’s Three Versions; connecting the Administration’s scatter chart dots

What the hell are they doing in the White House? Smoking Pot? Obama’s top three spokespersons can not even work from the same made-up jobs created/saved crib sheet. Three Different Obama Propagandists Same Damn Day Three Different Numbers None of … Continue reading

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Hey Valerie Jarrett? Here’s some Bias! Go Declare War On It! snicker sincker

The Only Good Bias is YOUR Bias, Right Valerie??? AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA So-Called ‘Truth to Power’ speaker, Valerie Jarrett runs when confronted with her slobbering love affair of MSNBC’s Obama Worshiping Bias: Valerie Jarrett Get’s Punked on CNN for attacking FOX News … Continue reading

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Valerie Jarrett Get’s Punked on CNN for attacking FOX News

It seems even CNN can figure out… going along with Barack Obama’s War On FOX will hurt CNN in the end. Their ratings have dropped to last place and FOX News ratings have been boosted another 10% during the White … Continue reading

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No Chicago Olympics for Obama; Packs up Snake Oil and Heads Home; Congrats Rio!

It is now official… Rio De Jeneiro Wins as Host of the 2016 Olympics!!! There will be NO CHICAGO OLYMPICS for the Obamas and their pals, “The Slum Lord Gangs of Chicago.” Tough Luck Valerie Jarrett! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What a way … Continue reading

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