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Excuse me? A calculation based on a ‘survey’ finds 541,000 undiscovered jobs??? I Smell Obama Creative Accounting …again

Seems hard fact based accounting of the monthly unemployment figure by the Labor Department based on the number of people entering and leaving the ranks of  unemployment compensation recipients has just been morphed into making ‘calculations’ based on ‘surveys.’ I … Continue reading

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Breaking: Obama announces proposals aimed at saving a job, His

Obama just announced his brand spanking new agendas to create jobs… What the hell was the $787 Billion Stimulus bill for? We will have to actually get our hands on this new Socialist Plan to Un-Stimulate Jobs Loss… and likely … Continue reading

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CBC Threatens ‘Actions’ against Obama over unemployments; Pelosi claims Socialism’s failures are Bush’s Fault! hahaha

As the World Turns… The Socialist/Marxist Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are blaming Obama, the Head Socialist In Charge, for Failures of Socialist Policies to create jobs; threatens protests marches. CNN reports Nancy Pelosi responds with this: 5:32 p.m.: Nadeam Elshami, … Continue reading

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