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DEMs now the Pedophile Party; Defends Jennings to the end

This is a follow up to a very recent post about Kevin Jennings… Obama Safe School Czar’s Hero was a lifelong Communist and NAMBLA Supporter NOW… America and the World witnesses the defending of Kevin Jennings by the Left Wing. … Continue reading

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Fringe Media: GOP roots against America; this is why you don’t send US presidents to do an emmissary’s job

What can the Fringe Media say? …after Team O³ (Omama,Obama & Opfrie) got handed their self-earned Non-Victory in Copenhagen? Fringe Media Answer: The GOP is rooting against ‘America’ « politico.com The god[sic] ship Obama got its bottom ripped out by … Continue reading

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Maher & Garofalo – Leaders of the DEM Party, Say You are all RACISTS! hahaha

Mr and Mrs Socialist, HBO’s Bill Maher and his partner Jeanane Garofalo, are clearly the Leaders of the DEM Party and set the examples for correctly applying the Number One Socialist WMD …for prosecuting Zombie RACEer Attacks on a majority … Continue reading

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The Fringe Media – Proof Socialism Fails; The Titanic had a band, not so ABC CBS NBC CNN

The alphabet soup Networks are sucking mud from an empty well of viewership/readership. These Socialist run Fringe Media companies sank into non-relevance and the proof? read more… Continue reading

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