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Congress? You are FIRED! 5 million and counting Pink Slips arrive at Congressional Offices (video)

Oh My God! Over 5 million, and counting, personalized pink slips have arrived in Washington, DC and delivered to each congressional office of every Congress Member in Washington, DC. This is the power of Americans taking back their Country from … Continue reading

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Alan Grayson is Jeanane Garofolo with a five o’clock shadow …their testosterone levels seems identical, however

Don’t ya just love watching Representative Alan Grayson performing the Socialist RANT DANCE in Congress?? AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Alan Grayson = Jean Garofolo with a five o’clock shadow …their testosterone levels seems identical, however. Fact is… Obama wants Independents and Moderate Conservatives … Continue reading

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Watch School Children reciting The Pledge of Allegiance to Barack Hussein Obama and the Socialism For Which He Stands; UPDATE

Note that line… red, yellow, black or white – all are equal in His sight.

Sound familiar? It comes from a children’s song of Jesus… these teachers substituted the ‘His’ from Jesus to Barack Hussein Obama.

How wonderful…

Then there is the little school quiz to see if school taught Socialist Propaganda is sinking in… Continue reading

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Maxine Waters calls All Tea Party Protesters Homosexuals in her Latest Attack on Free Speech

For those who haven’t figured it out yet… A “Tea Bagger” is a “Male Homosexual” Ergo, Rep. Maxine Waters [D-California] calls all Tea Party Protesters Homosexuals Way to Go, Maxine Waters, you Socialist Racist Anti-Constitution Anti-Homosexual Anti-White ASSHAT! Show the … Continue reading

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A Bomb Threat Against Americans in Washington DC on 911, September 11, 2009

A bomb threat was phoned in to the DC offices of FreedomWorks and the offices were evacuated by the DC Metro Police.

This is an elevation of intimidation tactics of the Socialists who have no honor and no regard for the rule of law when faced with peaceful political defeat.

I, for one, view their behavior as self-destructive as ACORN’s behavior.

Let’s see what ABC News has to report on this behavior: Continue reading

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Palin Blasts ObamaCare; AARP = CRAAP

Obama & Co not only wants you to bend over and take his ObamaCare where the Sun don’t Shine, he has also declared War on Millions who object to bending over, asking Snitches to help him amass a list of people who do not agree with him and communicates their dissatisfaction via the Internet. Well, Mr President? HERE THE HELL I AM! COME SILENCE ME! But you better change the Constitution FIRST! I have a RIGHT TO DISSENT Continue reading

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Obama-Pelosi Declare WAR; Demonizing Health Industry; Warning, Socialist Demons At Work

Obama and Pelosi want Their Socialism between you and your body’s care. Thus, they accuse the health insurance industry of that which they themselves WILL DO TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. If you allow them to get away with it? God Help You. Continue reading

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Obama Job Approval Index hits minus 3; Sarah Palin Changes the Game; Gore calls people Nazis

What matters is what people think… and Palin, pulling nets wearing her hip waders while being interviewed by Andra Mitchell, is far more powerful than Obama using his Teleprompter in front of his hand picked Town Hall Audience SELLING his Obama Health Care Snake Oil on the heels of the Democrat Majority House of Representatives passing his Cap & Trade Energy Tax on All Americans to solve a non-existent Global Warming “Problem…” the biggest single tax increase in the history of Human Kind. Continue reading

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