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Obama Extremist CBS News to WH-THEY GOT EVERYTHING AND WE GOT NOTHING (Aug-1-2011)

With No Pretense of Objectivity or Fair and Balanced News Reporting to the American People, CBS News White House Reporter Norah O’Donnell rages at Jay Carney blasting Obama that they, the Liberal Extremist Media Obama Water-Carriers, are Angry as Hell! … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Regiment of Tea Party Patriots? SEIU Legion of Purple Rogues? It’s Election Day! LETS ROLL!!; Update: photo of ballots for Scott Brown

Today is the Day of DAYS, Massachusetts! Now Lets March on Massachusetts Voting Polls and show these Extremist Socialist DC Tyrants WE MEAN BUSINESS! Lets give those Extremist DC Tyrants the Present… That Keeps on Giving That 41st VOTE!!! . … Continue reading

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Obama? Come stump for Coakley and you will See… a Boston Tea Party just for Thee; UPDATE: Obama’s Boston Tea Party On, lets ROLL

In Massachusetts We don’t Take Tyranny lying down, sir. If you show up in Massachusetts, it will serve as a protest rally cry to all Tea Party Patriots throughout Massachusetts and New England by the 100s of thousands. Remember seeing … Continue reading

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breaking: Jarrett surprise appearance on Fox: rolling out $90 billion Obama tax on Americans’ Financial Private Sector

What an odd looking person… what an irritating voice. Valerie Jarrett appeared on FOX and Friends this morning, Thursday, January 14, 2010, in a surprising move considering Jarrett lead the charge for the Obama War on FOX, trying to characterize … Continue reading

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DEM Voters rejecting raw Socialism in Massachusetts?

What we are seeing: Mounting Voter Rejection of Progressive Elites’ Fundamental Transformation of  America (into a Third World Country) Saturday, January 9, 2010 Toss up in Massachusetts The Massachusetts Senate race is now a toss up. Buoyed by a huge … Continue reading

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Obama’s Two Faces Stimulates 912ers March to coming elections (videos)

Pre-Election OBAMA BS to get elected… Post-Election Determination of America Loving Patriots whom Pelosi and others slander and besmirch Tea-Bagger Astro-Turf Nazi Threatening Special-Interest Funded Racist Mobs of Rednecks… H/T to Tellitlikeitis for the heads-up to this video The above … Continue reading

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Obama Recession Stimulation Working; Destruction of Enconomy is on schedule; Caution, Socalists at Work

See… Obama The Bush-Blamer said he would fix the economy …that he The Wealth Spreader knew how …that he The Government Grower would fix it swiftly …if American Voters gave him The Enchanted One the chance and elected him as … Continue reading

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Obama Slammed by CBS over Obama Health Care Propaganda; You just can’t make this stuff up!

Both Chip Reid, and Helen Thomas (a died in the wool Socialist Obama Worshiper) slammed the Obama Administration during the White House press conference Wednesday, July 1, 2009, for the totally obvious engineering of a one-sided Obama Health Care Infomercial in the guise of a “Town Hall Meeting” this past Wednesday, July 1, 2009. Gee… didn’t CBS do that SAME EXACT THING for Obama JUST LAST WEEK??? ON AIR??? DURING PRIME TIME??? The CBS Who Got Rightfully Slammed for it by FOX NEWS??? Continue reading

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Obama Warns America about Obama’s massive borrow/spend doom; the hidden reason why

To finance Universal Health Care, to refund Social Security and Medicare which is running out of money, Obama can not borrow money to pay for it… he has essentially hit the credit limit and China says… no more Obama! You are done borrowing! Continue reading

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Obama and Co’s so-called “Reconciliation” Fast Track Offensive for Borrowing Trillions more for Health Care and Massive Energy Taxation of Americans under Cap & Trade Scheme

President Obama and his Socialist allies in Congress are poised to trample Republican opposition to his health care bill with a controversial legislative tactic known as reconciliation. Continue reading

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