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The self-distruction of Socialism unfolds before our eyes; the Polls tell the Story

The reason Socialism has such a foothold is the Lame Stream Media. The Socialists own the Lame Stream Media. Why else do stories like Climategate, ACORN, SEIU offenses, and white washing of Obama and the Socialist Congress happen 24/7? And … Continue reading

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Obama’s Enviro-War on the Free World; a boon to Communist China, Japan is not buying it

Joint Obama Hatoyama Press Conference Friday November 13, 2009 Toyko, Japan During the Joint Obama Hatoyama Press Conference, I listened very carefully to both Prime Minster Hatoyama and President Obama and watched their personal facial language and body language very … Continue reading

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Obama v Palin; Obama Blinks; Ready to drop ‘Public Option’; Way to Go Sarah!

Sarah Palin, in her latest article, is forcing Obama & Co to defend that which can not be rationally defended in the eyes of the Majority of Americans.

The ‘Public Option’ is not an ‘option’ at all but a cleverly sneaky lowball crafted segway to Socialist Takeover of your very life via Domination of the Health Care of All Americans and Illegal Aliens living in the USA, now and in the future. Continue reading

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