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Juan Williams is a Negro Porch Monkey, So Says Obama Operative (video)

A glaring example of  Obama Operative, talk radio host Warren Ballentine, using an extremely offensive racist attack on a Liberal Media Figure, Juan Williams, follows in the video. Guess what, all you Obama Socialist Racists? SCREW YOU …Damn Gutter Dwelling … Continue reading

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Maher & Garofalo – Leaders of the DEM Party, Say You are all RACISTS! hahaha

Mr and Mrs Socialist, HBO’s Bill Maher and his partner Jeanane Garofalo, are clearly the Leaders of the DEM Party and set the examples for correctly applying the Number One Socialist WMD …for prosecuting Zombie RACEer Attacks on a majority … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Calls out Obama & Co on Giving Billions of your Dollars to Develop Oil Fields In Brazil instead of the USA

Obama, the Mr Ohhh Noesss Don’t Drill!!! Global Warming!!! Sky will Fall!!! Bad for People!!! Go Electric!!! Windmill should replace everything!!! has just agreed to ship Billions of American Tax Payer Dollars to the Country of Brazil… TO DEVELOP FREEKING OIL FIELDS AND DRILLING.

Oh Really, Obama? Going to help out your Whitey Hating Pal, President “Lets Blame White Blue Eyed People for Everything” Lula? And use White Blued Eyed Money to boot? Continue reading

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