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Socialist Congresswoman Racist Diane Watson Worships Fidel Castro and Hates Capitalism

Socialist/Communist Diane Watson has gone on record as a Socialist and a Racist who Worships Fidel Castro and his Communist Regime. Gee… Barack Obama is too smart to publicly reveal his own love of Communism for it would be an admittance that the Change he is Hell Bent on Bringing Down on Americans is in fact, Pure Communism.
But… that is not the case with Diane Watson who publicly Celebrates Communism. And, make no mistake, Diane Watson is all for RACISM and uses it with Zest on any Political Critic of Obama. Continue reading

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Obama Gives Almost Apology after calling Cambridge Police Stupid; the FOP Supported McCain-Palin; Socialist Race Politics at its Ugliest

Barack Obama struck a blow to the face of the Cambridge Police Department… some remember the Faternal Order of Police sided with John McCain during the 2008 Presidential Election. Continue reading

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Obama guilty of Race Baiting for Political Gain; Socialist “Victimology” Honed to a Razor Edge

There is not a single person in the United States who does not realize that Socialist Race Baiting works to divide the country. Some like it and some don’t. Bottom line… it is destructive to America. But then that is the Socialist Plan of “Victimology”, isn’t it? Continue reading

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Obama deflects his police bashing while Lou Dobbs kicks Roland Martin Butt On CNN; re: Obama Birth Certificate Non-Transparency

OBama? Better to release your Long Form Birth Certificate sooner rather than later… your party will abandon you eventually as your true Nature of a Chip-On-The-Shoulder Black Screwball Activist, ala Rev Jeremiah “GOD DAMN AMERICA” Wright who Hates White America, comes into full public focus. Jesse Jackson must be laughing his butt off watching you wiggle and squirm.
Continue reading

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