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breaking: Jarrett surprise appearance on Fox: rolling out $90 billion Obama tax on Americans’ Financial Private Sector

What an odd looking person… what an irritating voice. Valerie Jarrett appeared on FOX and Friends this morning, Thursday, January 14, 2010, in a surprising move considering Jarrett lead the charge for the Obama War on FOX, trying to characterize … Continue reading

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Scott Brown under vote troll attack; Read Up

Confront the Obama RAT Bastards and tell them to go to hell… Pass the word and repost this Open Letter on your blog and E-Mail it to EVERY Single Person You Know with Instructions to Forward it To Everyone They … Continue reading

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Barack Obama – An Angry Black Man in the Wright House; America Pushes Back against Socialist Agenda Promotion of “Black-On-White Spanking Moments”

“The Cambridge Police Department Acted Stupidly” will follow Obama to the end of days… He meant every word of it and he said it because The Socialist Agenda, his Agenda, uses RACE as a Weapon against Conservatives… in other words, against Whites in this country, and continues to brow beat American Citizens for Slavery to this day. Why? Because it is Socialist “Victimology 101.” Well… The President got shoved back by the American Public, by both Black Americans and White Americans. The only ones to back the President’s anti-white racism are his anti-white racist Pals. Continue reading

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Obama Gives Almost Apology after calling Cambridge Police Stupid; the FOP Supported McCain-Palin; Socialist Race Politics at its Ugliest

Barack Obama struck a blow to the face of the Cambridge Police Department… some remember the Faternal Order of Police sided with John McCain during the 2008 Presidential Election. Continue reading

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Obama guilty of Race Baiting for Political Gain; Socialist “Victimology” Honed to a Razor Edge

There is not a single person in the United States who does not realize that Socialist Race Baiting works to divide the country. Some like it and some don’t. Bottom line… it is destructive to America. But then that is the Socialist Plan of “Victimology”, isn’t it? Continue reading

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Obama Going Down in Flames and taking US with him; you wanted change… you got it

What is happening was forewarned and foretold all the way through the 2008 Presidential Primaries and the following post nomination campaign right up to the last day on Nov 3, 2008… butNooo … the majority of US voters just had to go with Mr Smiley the Wealth Spreader …the no experience, excuse making, finger pointing, lying, flip-flopping, everyone is a racist, stealth Socialist, dumb ass who has more arrogance than your typical know-it-all 15 year old teenage boy driving the family dirigible on a joy ride to hell. Continue reading

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Attacks on Palin is symptomatic of the Dying of the Mainstream Media, drip by drip, day by day

Regarding the Media Maelstrom against Sarah Palin: Now… an admission from one of the Liberal Journalists subjecting the Sellout by the Liberal Media on the political alter for their 30 pieces of Judas Silver.

And, who have they really sold out? They sold out themselves… sold out the trust of the American People who formerly depended on the Media to be the watch dog of Government… not it’s Lap Dog and certainly not to play an active role as the Media Arm of the Democratic Party. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin ended the Socialist Gambit of “death by 1000 frivolous lawsuits”; Now free to assume a GOP Leadership Role

Now…NOW!!! Sarah is free from their continual frivolous law suit gambit and free to move about the country for the greater good of the Country and her home state of Alaska. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Unleashed; Socialist Party and Media scared and desperate

This is what a mold breaker like Sarah does to the business as usual Socialist Media Elite Washington East Coasters who thinks the world spins as they dictate. But woops! At this moment in time they are completely flat footed and running around like a flock of Chicken Littles! Continue reading

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Obama Slammed by CBS over Obama Health Care Propaganda; You just can’t make this stuff up!

Both Chip Reid, and Helen Thomas (a died in the wool Socialist Obama Worshiper) slammed the Obama Administration during the White House press conference Wednesday, July 1, 2009, for the totally obvious engineering of a one-sided Obama Health Care Infomercial in the guise of a “Town Hall Meeting” this past Wednesday, July 1, 2009. Gee… didn’t CBS do that SAME EXACT THING for Obama JUST LAST WEEK??? ON AIR??? DURING PRIME TIME??? The CBS Who Got Rightfully Slammed for it by FOX NEWS??? Continue reading

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