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Hey Valerie Jarrett? Here’s some Bias! Go Declare War On It! snicker sincker

The Only Good Bias is YOUR Bias, Right Valerie??? AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA So-Called ‘Truth to Power’ speaker, Valerie Jarrett runs when confronted with her slobbering love affair of MSNBC’s Obama Worshiping Bias: Valerie Jarrett Get’s Punked on CNN for attacking FOX News … Continue reading

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BarackObama.com, OFA Arm Rewards US Flag Defacing Slap in America’s Face; Lou Dobbs Assassination Attempt

Organizing for America | BarackObama.com is sponsoring a contest for a video Barack Obama will use to promote passage of ObamaCare in Congress. According to the Organizing for America | BarackObama.com, the best 20 videos have been declared Finalists in … Continue reading

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