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Liberal Elitism Explained

The following video is an excellent representation of the moronic mindset of Liberals who invent their own reality. H/T to Legal Insurrection. ________________________________________________________ Previous articles from VotingFemale… Marxist NBC News Calls Black Conservative Allen West “Bigoted, Ignorant” Pres Carter to … Continue reading

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Marxist NBC News Calls Black Conservative Allen West “Bigoted, Ignorant”

Like Governor Sarah Palin Congressman Allen West has joined the Battle Fill Your Hands You Marxist America-Hating Sons Of Bitches Listen Up NBC… KISS MY ASS YOU IGNORANT RACIST SCUMBAGGING CONSERVOPHOBIC MARXIST SONS OF BITCHES Congressman-Elect Allen West is as … Continue reading

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The Fringe Media – Proof Socialism Fails; The Titanic had a band, not so ABC CBS NBC CNN

The alphabet soup Networks are sucking mud from an empty well of viewership/readership. These Socialist run Fringe Media companies sank into non-relevance and the proof? read more… Continue reading

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ABC CBS NBC – Kamikaze Media, Ignored Hurricane ACORN; not Your Grandfather’s Main Stream Media Anymore

Ohh… the slow motion fall from grace and relevancy has been like watching three Japanese Zeros in slow motion colliding against a mighty US Battleship… The American Main Stream Public.

First real eye opener for me was two back-to-back interviews with the GOP Vice Presidental Nominee, Sarah Palin. Enter Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson.

The Kamikaze Media’s hatred of Sarah’s charm, popularity, and political appeal, which were eclipsing Obama’s, was so thick it dripped like cold molasses down the arm of a two year old licking a spoonful of it.
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