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Socialist Global Warming Hoaxsters – the Village of the Damned

Seems the Obama White House and the Lame Stream Media are choosing to remain silent and forge ahead with their Global Warming Scam in spite of the UN’s IPCC expanding collapse of the Socialist inspired Man-Made Global Warming Hoax on … Continue reading

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Get a life, Professors’ Ogletree and Obama; a person’s race imparts immunity? lol

What a reason not to elect another liberal black president… According to the Progressive/Socialist Collective, Liberal presidents with a black father or mother or both are ‘immune’ from being held accountable for their behavior and actions by virtue  of their … Continue reading

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Does Obama see NASA as Racist? Takes $3.6 billion from NASA; Gives $4 billion to ACORN

Obama’s actions speak in words that are sometimes so tall it is difficult to actually see them and what they really really mean till one backs up and looks at them from afar. The action: Obama has laid out, in … Continue reading

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Obama kills Aries Rocket to instead pay Russia for NASA orbit access; Russia unveils 5th Gen T-50 Stealth Fighter; Who’s side is Obama on?

If there were ever a case to never elect a liberal as president, the F-22 Raptor/Aries Rocket killing move by Obama is it. In the news today… Russia, America’s Cold War Arch Enemy, unveiled their clone of the F-22 Raptor…the … Continue reading

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