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Obama Admits He is an Un-Electable Economic Failure

So, Barry goes to the Lamestream Media’s NBC and cries poor poor me. If I don’t turn around the economy the Majority of American Voters will fire me. [youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZ7QCzeUCYo%5D The economy will not turn around in six months or … Continue reading

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US Taxpayer Millions for Offshore Mosques as Obama Demands Higher Taxes

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CYNwSPnSk0] Seems Obama has been pandering to his Extremist Islamic Friends using American tax money. Funding for Mosques in the Middle-East Funding Internet services for Muslims in the Middle-East Does anyone else think these Extremists are laughing at The Great … Continue reading

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Sen Mitch McConnell: Lets Cave In. Debt Confrontations with DEMS Scare Me

Know what is going to happen if the GOP House majority refuses to cave in to DEM demands to increase taxes when the DEMs “deadline” comes to pass? Answer: There will suddenly be a new deadline, just like the previous … Continue reading

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Political Ferocity of Conservative Women – We Are All In

…shedding some light on the significance of the Maureen Dowd hit piece on Conservative Women: It is not that Dowd is especially significant… she isn’t. It isn’t that Megan McCain is especially significant… she isn’t. It isn’t that N.O.(L.)W. (National … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann and the “Special Interests,” the Progressives’ class-warfare code for ‘The Private Sector’

Just got a heads-up from GretaWire: Tarryl Clark, the opponent of incumbent Michele Bachmann for the Minnesota Sixth Congressional District US House seat has lost a few postal screws. Note in the campaign video below, Tarryl Clark’s use of the … Continue reading

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Bachmann: investigate Obama quid pro quo: judicial appointment for ObamaCare vote

Will this become known as Matheson-Gate? The president entertained Jim Matheson (D-UT) at the White House on March 3, 2010, and convinced him to switch his vote on Obamacare Nay to Yea. The same day, March 3, 2010,… the president … Continue reading

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Arlen Spector: a DEM Party Elitist Arrogance Poster Boy; Arrogant Sexism, like RACER Tactics, a self-granted Socialist entitlement

The following video is a glaring example of the Socialist DC Tyrants’ total disconnect from the American Majority of Voters,  the only real power in the country. We the People can not be voted out of office, unlike Arlen Spector. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Un-Stimulus of Private Sector yields 10.2% unemployment dividends; Cloward & Piven Strategy on Schedule

The one year mark of the Election of Barack Obama by 53% of American Votes cast (not accounting for Election Crimes by DEM Party Gangs like ACORN and SEIU) arrived today, November 6, 2009. The national unemployment rate has now … Continue reading

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