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Debbie Wasserman Shultz All In on Teamsters’ Killing Words

By refusing to condemn Jimmy Hoffa’s Labor Day 2011 hate-speech and demands for the death of Americans with whom he politically disagrees, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz just endorsed Jimmy Hoffa’s Union Army Declaration of Civil War on peaceful law abiding Americans. President … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters Attacks Barack Obama – Socialists Fleeing the Sinking Obama Ship

Maxine Waters, doing what any trapped Socialist does when reality collides with promises unfulfilled, place blame elsewhere. There is no member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) who is more an Avowed Socialist Extremist than Maxine “We Will Take You … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters calls All Tea Party Protesters Homosexuals in her Latest Attack on Free Speech

For those who haven’t figured it out yet… A “Tea Bagger” is a “Male Homosexual” Ergo, Rep. Maxine Waters [D-California] calls all Tea Party Protesters Homosexuals Way to Go, Maxine Waters, you Socialist Racist Anti-Constitution Anti-Homosexual Anti-White ASSHAT! Show the … Continue reading

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Socialist Maxine Waters, a Political Terrorist, Tells Obama to Use All Weapons to Force ObamaCare on an unwilling America

Clearly only a minority of Americans agree with Maxine Waters.

The Socialist Takeover of American Health Care IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN…

Not with 24% support of Americans in favor of it… that equates to only the Far Left Fringe and that… THAT… Dog Don’t Hunt.

Keep it UP Maxine Waters! You Socialist Political Terrorist! You are marginalizing yourself with every word you speak… Nancy “I deserve a personal G-5 Corporate Jet” Pelosi & Barney “The Finance Queen” Frank needs company in the wasteland of marginalized MOONBAT Extremists on the politically endangered list. Continue reading

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