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Murdered Border Officer Family Slams Napolitano who chews out Media for airing it

Defensive Big Sis and the family of Illegal Alien Murdered Officer Brian Terry: From Gateway Pundit: One of the suspects, Manuel Arianes, a.k.a. Manuel Arellanes Osorio, was wounded in the gunfight. Arianes, 34, and a Mexican national, was convicted in … Continue reading

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Obama’s TSA Gestapo to Americans: You will surrender your modesty to the government, or ELSE

Happy Thanksgiving to TSA Perverts! NOT When a government has the power to give you anything you need, it has the power to take away anything you have… TSA Chief John Pistole is a former FBI Agent and has been … Continue reading

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A Terrorist can now bypass TSA security altogether via accommodation

That’s right. A terrorist can now bypass TSA security altogether by availing a just announced pilot accommodation by the TSA. All a terrorist has to do is dress in an airline pilot uniform and show two fake IDs to TSA … Continue reading

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SOTU Report: Harry Reid Yawns while Janet Incompitano Sleeps

Barack Obama is indeed a hypnotizing speaker… why, it is all Harry Reid can can do to resist an all powerful Obama SOTU Address induced unconsciousness… And Janet Incompatino? that poor thing just could not resist Obama SOTU Address induced … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin has the answers, Obama Does not; Lastest Al Qaeda Recrutment Tool: Janet Incompitano’s Infidel Photo Invasion of Islamic Modesty

When is Obama going to admit his Political Agenda based decisions on homeland defense is a failure and start listening to the common sense advise Sarah Palin is providing to this administration and to all Americans? Obama signaled his Chief … Continue reading

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No Al Qaeda Smoking Gun? How about an Al Qaeda Smoking Johnson?

No Al Qaeda Smoking Gun? How about an Al Qaeda Smoking Johnson? The Obama Administration sent forth their newest Media Damage Control Spin Meister (John Brennan – the Obama Czar for Security and Counter-terrorism) around to the Television Studios Sunday … Continue reading

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Newark Traveler:1, TSA:O; The System Worked, right Janet?

The Obama/Napolitano TSA allowed a man entry to the secure area of  Newark Airport’s Terminal C via the exit corridor from the Terminal C secure area. But “The System Worked,” right Janet? Right, Barack? That man was never found. But … Continue reading

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