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Sen. Barbara Boxer, the bad good news… Breaking Update!

BREAKING Update appended below Gloria? Gloria Feinstein? saying things are *gasp* “BAD” for Senator Ma’am Boxer?? the Senate financier for Code Pink’s Hamas-hugging $400,000,000 dollar boondoggle??? G*L*O*R*I*A you make us feel ALRIGHT! What is bad news for Senator Boxer, despite … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin may not respond to Paul Mirengoff’s article but this Mama Grizzly will…

Don’t you find it…  odd? Karl Rove’s O’Donnell-bashing pre-dicky-meant? I Do… Paul Mirengoff doesn’t seem to find it odd and takes an opportunity, in the last two weeks before the mid-term elections, to bash both Huckabee and Christine O’Donnell in … Continue reading

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Man Fired for Wearing ‘CVN-77 USS Bush’ Sweatshirt at Obama Rally in L.A.

Duane Hammond’s Navy son is assigned aboard CNV-77 USS George H.W. Bush and was showing patriotic pride in his son. He was not making a political statement and the firing incident by International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 33 … Continue reading

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bigoted NPR fires bigoted Juan over bigoted statement about religious bigots who wants world domination by bigoted religion

Did the White House make a phone call to NPR demanding action? Hey Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar? Still proud of yourselves for throwing a hissy fit during Bill O’Rielly’s visit to The View? Still proud of not commenting on … Continue reading

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Video of Koran burning at Ground Zero, 9/11/2010

Obama created this mess. He knows he did. And, he knows most Americans know he knows. He either didn’t have the wisdom to stay the hell out of the Ground Zero Mosque situation or he did it for political reasons … Continue reading

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911 – for my murdered friend Peter Hashem, the other passengers on AA flt 11, and all the others Murdered by the Islamic BASTARDS that day

In memory of Peter Hashem, my friend I miss you Peter. And I will never ever forget or forgive. That, my friend, is a solemn promise. TO ISLAMIC BASTARDS who think 911 was a great day for ISLAM Think again … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda spooks Obama into closing Yemen Embassy; the System is Working, right Janet?

This Just in… Al Qaeda scares Infidels’ Barack Ubama¹ and Gordon Brown into closing their countries’ Embassies in Yemen today. Looks like ‘The System is Working,’ Janet. I just did not realize which ‘system’ you were referring to last week. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Airport X-Ray Nude Scanners can not detect vagina bombs or anus bombs

Can’t Wait to have Obama’s Legion of X-Ray Scanning Lechers staring at your nudity in Airports? You will not have to wait much longer. And no matter what anyone says, nude pictures will be collected and posted on the internet, … Continue reading

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Congress? You are FIRED! 5 million and counting Pink Slips arrive at Congressional Offices (video)

Oh My God! Over 5 million, and counting, personalized pink slips have arrived in Washington, DC and delivered to each congressional office of every Congress Member in Washington, DC. This is the power of Americans taking back their Country from … Continue reading

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Fort Hood Fallout, Does Islam Own the US Military? Christian Chaplain Dismissed; Muslim Chaplain Promoted; UPDATE-Clarification

Editorial correction/clarification and a Hat Tip to US Army Chaplain (retired)  Wayne MacKirdy: More has come to light with regards to the circumstances of the dismissal of Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt. See the additional information at the bottom of this … Continue reading

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