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The greatest recruitment tool of all is Al Qaeda’s successes towards its goal of World Domination in the name of Islam

Other recruitment tools of advantage to Al Qaeda are Public Figures like Chris Matthews and the company he works for, MSNBC. I think it is time Americans start considering petitioning their Congress to hold hearings on Al Qaeda enablers like … Continue reading

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Give American Muslims reason to fix their Islamic Jihad Problem; yes it is their problem

I want every Islamic in line to board a plane to be totally groped and cavity searched including their children. If innocent Islamics don’t like it, let them turn on the real cause of the searches… The Islamic Jihadists waging … Continue reading

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Obama will Torture New Yorkers; Will Try 911 Terrorist War Fighters as common criminals; sets up their walking free on basis of treatment as war fighters

Barack Hussein Obama Callously Re-Opens the Deepest of Wounds of New York City, and the Unites States of America by bringing the 911 Terrorists out of GITMO as Terrorist War Fighters and bringing them back to the scene of the … Continue reading

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