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Socialist Global Warming Hoaxsters – the Village of the Damned

Seems the Obama White House and the Lame Stream Media are choosing to remain silent and forge ahead with their Global Warming Scam in spite of the UN’s IPCC expanding collapse of the Socialist inspired Man-Made Global Warming Hoax on … Continue reading

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Chevez to Obama: You Smell Like Sulfur, Nobel War Prize Winner; heads up Lame Stream Media this is a scoop, dears

Gee… I thought Barack and Hugo were BFF! lol Well, there is alway Keith, opps! I think Keith thinks Barack smells like sulfur too! hahahaha Well… how about your buddy, Mikey Moore??? opps… sulfur… Gee, how about Howard Dean??? nope… … Continue reading

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Obama Sells BS at Nopenhagen Climategate Denying Summit; A Global Snow Job…

The Socialist-In-Chief selling his BS on the COP15 Stage… The Majority of Americans will act boldly, decisively and collectively in the face of a common threat… YOU! We will swarm the voting booths in 2010 and 2012 in numbers you … Continue reading

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Fear of truth forces UN press conference holder to flee stage and call for an armed guard

H/T to Mike Flynn at BigGovernment for lifting this topic into the blogosphere and Rosehips for the heads up. Watch as UN Global Warming Emergency Hoaxer, Stanford Professor Stephen Schneider runs away from polite and legitimate questions ask of him … Continue reading

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