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CNN is Laughing Stock at Twitter for actually Fact Checking an SNL Comedy Skit

Leave it to the TWITS at CNN to actually Fact Check a bloomin’ Comedy Skit!!!! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Here is Twit Blitzer with the “NEWS” A Twitter Hash, #CNNFactCheck was created at Twitter for the express purpose of making CNN the butt … Continue reading

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ObamaCare will imprison you if you do not obey

This is what the Socialist Majority of Congress intend to do to you if you do not obey their mandates built into ObamaCare by the Apollo Alliance Authors of H.R. 3200 and its successor bills in Congress… such as the … Continue reading

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Obama Defeat Assured; 2010 Elections will stop His Socialism in it’s TRACKS, says Joe Biden

Joe Biden; wannbe DINO? Joe is telling America… Want to Stop the March of Obama Socialism? Then change the majority in the House of Representatives in 2010. Continue reading

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Katie Couric? BigGovernment.Com is coming for you; Run, Fringe Media Socialist, Run

Seems Katie Couric’s turn in the expose-a-fringe-media-socialist-moonbat barrel is coming…

Andrew Breitbart, the blogger at BigGovernment has more Socialist Moonbat ACORN Crushing coming your way… Continue reading

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