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Sarah Palin smacks Progressive Eugenics Womens Groups going Postal over Free Speech

Teaming up with Gateway Pundit & Talk Wisdom today… Background: NOW – National Organ-ization of (Socialist) Women went into full postal meltdown when they discovered a Pro-Life organization will get air time during the Super Bowl. awwwww …that pesky First … Continue reading

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Obama: How Dare the Supreme Court affirm today, the 1st amendment!

Gee… for a guy who relied/relies on massive special interest  campaign contributors who’s donations are crafted to get around campaign finance laws, Obama sure gets uppity if everyone can do it! There’s that Progressive Exclusive Privilege thing again. lol

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CNN Joy Behar- preoccupied with booger eating; advocates use of Presidential Authority to Silence Free Speech

Joy Behar? I trust you will read this blogpost… knowing insecure snits like you google your own name every day for your iScrapbook. From: CNN’s Website Joy Behar said, “It’s no surprise the Glenn Becks of the world have been … Continue reading

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Obama said: No Weapon Formed Against Him Shall Prosper; Freedom of Speech is THE Weapon Most Feared by Communism

The First Amendment is the Mortal Enemy of Communism The Obvious Tactics Against The American Weapon of Free Speech? American Weapon of Free Speech is Devastating to Communist Propaganda & Untruths Vocal strong fact-based “in their face” opposition to Communists … Continue reading

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