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Abortion Activist Tebow Birther, Gloria Allred, is Allwet

To be a Tebow Birther, or not to be a Tebow Birther: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, … Continue reading

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Obama apparently considers F-22 Raptor, Racist;Threatens to Veto Bill if funding included

Apparently Obama considers the F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet to be Racist and gives Whites an unfair edge. Barack threatens to Veto own defense bill if it includes funding for the stealth fighters. What do you think??? __________________________________________________ Related Article Obama … Continue reading

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Attacks on Palin is symptomatic of the Dying of the Mainstream Media, drip by drip, day by day

Regarding the Media Maelstrom against Sarah Palin: Now… an admission from one of the Liberal Journalists subjecting the Sellout by the Liberal Media on the political alter for their 30 pieces of Judas Silver.

And, who have they really sold out? They sold out themselves… sold out the trust of the American People who formerly depended on the Media to be the watch dog of Government… not it’s Lap Dog and certainly not to play an active role as the Media Arm of the Democratic Party. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin ended the Socialist Gambit of “death by 1000 frivolous lawsuits”; Now free to assume a GOP Leadership Role

Now…NOW!!! Sarah is free from their continual frivolous law suit gambit and free to move about the country for the greater good of the Country and her home state of Alaska. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Unleashed; Socialist Party and Media scared and desperate

This is what a mold breaker like Sarah does to the business as usual Socialist Media Elite Washington East Coasters who thinks the world spins as they dictate. But woops! At this moment in time they are completely flat footed and running around like a flock of Chicken Littles! Continue reading

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Pelosi Approved Waterboarding; Proof? Dems block Pelosi-CIA inquiry

The Socialist two-faced lying revisionist, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi out right lied to the Nation in order to launch a witch hunt against the Bush Administration for political purposes when in fact, Pelosi approved of water boarding and was fully informed of plans to use water boarding, that water boarding was being used. Continue reading

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Boycott Kellogg’s – They Advertize on David Letterman Show

Well Kellogg’s? My Family Values do not include buying anything from an Advertiser on Dave Letterman’s Lewd Disgusting Show joking about statutory Rape of a 14 year old girl.

You are Being Called upon to End your Advertising which gave Letterman a voice to “joke” attack a 14 year old girl being statutory raped by a grown man. The Nation Wide Call to Boycott you has been Issued. Continue reading

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