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Dem Party standing between votes and the ballot box

Why Win an Election if you can Steal It? In Democrat Party dominated Chicago, the Dem party pushed for voting by mail for all voters and inserted itself in the process of casting of actual ballots by mailing out ballots … Continue reading

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Gov Christie reacts and NJ.com whines re: NJ Teacher Union malfeasance

If I had the personal power to terminate the existence of ‘Tenure,” it would happen in the flash of a eye blink. Marxist-Socialists exploit weaknesses of their enemies, the majority of voters in this country, in every way possible. A … Continue reading

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Sen. Barbara Boxer, the bad good news… Breaking Update!

BREAKING Update appended below Gloria? Gloria Feinstein? saying things are *gasp* “BAD” for Senator Ma’am Boxer?? the Senate financier for Code Pink’s Hamas-hugging $400,000,000 dollar boondoggle??? G*L*O*R*I*A you make us feel ALRIGHT! What is bad news for Senator Boxer, despite … Continue reading

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