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Sarah Palin has the answers, Obama Does not; Lastest Al Qaeda Recrutment Tool: Janet Incompitano’s Infidel Photo Invasion of Islamic Modesty

When is Obama going to admit his Political Agenda based decisions on homeland defense is a failure and start listening to the common sense advise Sarah Palin is providing to this administration and to all Americans? Obama signaled his Chief … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Crushes Barack Hussein Obama Junior; Updated

Update: Hat tip and thank you to David L Riddick (aka The Aged P) at the blog Conservatives4Palin for recognition of this blogpost with their post: Commander-In-Chief ____________________________ Sarah Palin minced few words in evaluating the National Security disaster  occurring … Continue reading

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Socialists Claim They Can Conquer Death Itself

Welcome to Socialist HELL my fellow Americans If you listen to the Socialists trying to justify their brutal rape of American Taxpayers to date, you will hear them claim that without their ObamaCare bill people will die. Excuse me, but … Continue reading

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Sen Nelson now ALL ABOARD for ObamaCare cloture vote

I watched as Senator Ben Nelson made his announcement he is now “All Aboard” For ObamaCare. Ok, so Nelson has been bought off with changes on abortion that he says satisfies him, plus a grant to his home state to … Continue reading

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Alan Grayson Elevates Opposition Fundraiser to National Visibility; so, donate to MyCongressmanIsNuts hahaha

Alan Grayson Proves HE IS  NUTS, yet again! hahaha This time Grayson has gone off his psychotropic meds over the website: MyCongressmanIsNuts.com which is soliciting for donations to defeat Alan Grayson in his bid for reelection. Rep Grayson has written … Continue reading

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Socialist Snuggie Buddies

No words can communicate what this picture says… AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The socialists are too drunk on their congressional majority and occupation of the White House to stop committing political suicide and the more they eat, drink, and spend the country into … Continue reading

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The self-distruction of Socialism unfolds before our eyes; the Polls tell the Story

The reason Socialism has such a foothold is the Lame Stream Media. The Socialists own the Lame Stream Media. Why else do stories like Climategate, ACORN, SEIU offenses, and white washing of Obama and the Socialist Congress happen 24/7? And … Continue reading

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Obama Polling Bomb… KA-BOOOOM; minus 19 Approval Index set 2nd record in 2 days

Obama? You Are Earning Your Poll Numbers! The Majority of Americans Overwhelmingly Disapprove of YOU & Socialism! Seems Americans are done giving the Chosen One his one year window to demonstrate what kind of a person and president he is. … Continue reading

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Obama sets new record minus 16 Job Approval Index, so says Rasmussen

Ya think this is gonna get Obama All Wee-Wee’ed Up? I do! hahahahaha Above is Obama’s Job Approval Index for December 12, 2009. What is significant is that -16 IS A NEW ALL TIME LOW for The Chosen One. Obama … Continue reading

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Palin Blasts ObamaCare; AARP = CRAAP

Obama & Co not only wants you to bend over and take his ObamaCare where the Sun don’t Shine, he has also declared War on Millions who object to bending over, asking Snitches to help him amass a list of people who do not agree with him and communicates their dissatisfaction via the Internet. Well, Mr President? HERE THE HELL I AM! COME SILENCE ME! But you better change the Constitution FIRST! I have a RIGHT TO DISSENT Continue reading

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