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NYT’s Krugman Extortion: Let us tax you else the Baby Boomers die

When a government is powerful enough to give you everything you need, it is powerful enough to take everything you have, including all of your property and your very life. Sometimes, one of these Communist asshat’s says what Obama & … Continue reading

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CNN’s attack on Palin Wins VF’s Worst Socialist News Liar Of The Year

Sarah Palin vs The Communists Well… Well… Well… The old Communist/Socialist Adage that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, must be in the CNN Playbook. They do it daily as they lose more and more … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin forces Obama bow down to her in full view of World; Forces Drop of ObamaCare Death Panels from the Legislation

Within 24 hours of Sarah Palin’s second Article which proves the factual existence of Socialist Government Mandated Death Panels for senior citizens, Obama & Co was forced to strike the evilness of the Socialist Death Panels from the ObamaCare Bill, realizing they would not get away with lying about it any longer. Continue reading

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