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Open Season on Infidels Greetings from Christiane Amanpour and her Muslim RAGE BOY FRIEND

A Christiane Amanpour Special Open Season On Infidels Greetings To All Us “Islamophobic” Infidels Just a little chop-you-up cheer for the “Holidays” From her fellow American Islamic Radicals to all us American Infidels and our Baby Infidels ________________________________________________________ Previous articles … Continue reading

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Arlen Specter – old RINOS never die, they just lie themselves away (Ed Schultz bonus)

Arlen Specter issues his final speech of twisted lies on the floor of the Senate blaming Conservative Senators who listened to the Majority of Voters and conducted, as the minority party, the mandates of the people. Democrat and RINO Senators … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin to Americans: The Obama Death Panel is Immortal

So much for CNN’s (Communist News Network) awarding their CNN leftist “Lie of the year” to Sarah Palin… CNN ran with leftist Angie Drobnic Holan’s defense of the Socialist Death Panel in ObamaCare by declaring that characterization as a falsehood … Continue reading

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