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DEM Voters rejecting raw Socialism in Massachusetts?

What we are seeing: Mounting Voter Rejection of Progressive Elites’ Fundamental Transformation of  America (into a Third World Country) Saturday, January 9, 2010 Toss up in Massachusetts The Massachusetts Senate race is now a toss up. Buoyed by a huge … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin has the answers, Obama Does not; Lastest Al Qaeda Recrutment Tool: Janet Incompitano’s Infidel Photo Invasion of Islamic Modesty

When is Obama going to admit his Political Agenda based decisions on homeland defense is a failure and start listening to the common sense advise Sarah Palin is providing to this administration and to all Americans? Obama signaled his Chief … Continue reading

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Yglesias: woman tied for Most Admired in US, Sarah Palin, is unpopular; really? you made that up yourself, did ya? hahaha

And who, Matthew Ygleasias, is the most admired woman in your itty-bitty fuzzy-wuzzy little leftist brain after Hillary? Oprah? Michelle Obama? Janet Incompitano? These Lefty Bloggers crack  me up! Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin top list of most admired women | … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Makes Bombing Run on Cap and Trade; GOP and Socialist Pundits run for cover

No One In The GOP can afford to crap on Sarah. Her strength is her fierce and very loyal supporters, voters who are fed the hell up with people in the GOP crapping on Sarah. And if you think for one minute that Sarah would not run as an Independent and take well over half the GOP base with her, you better wake the hell up. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin ended the Socialist Gambit of “death by 1000 frivolous lawsuits”; Now free to assume a GOP Leadership Role

Now…NOW!!! Sarah is free from their continual frivolous law suit gambit and free to move about the country for the greater good of the Country and her home state of Alaska. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Unleashed; Socialist Party and Media scared and desperate

This is what a mold breaker like Sarah does to the business as usual Socialist Media Elite Washington East Coasters who thinks the world spins as they dictate. But woops! At this moment in time they are completely flat footed and running around like a flock of Chicken Littles! Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Career Change; Sets Sights on National Level Politics; Will not seek new term as Governor of Alaska

Sarah Palin announced today that she will seek her fortunes as a Republican Shaker and Mover in the Lower Forty Eight and will not seek a new term as Governor of Alaska.

Ok all you Obama Socialists, you can be afraid now… she is on her way and SHE MEANS BUSINESS!
Obama has shown he is nothing but a clueless Wealth Spreader and Job Loss Promoter.
Palin is handing over control of the Alaska Governership to the Alaska Lt. Governor at the end of this month. Continue reading

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