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Sarah Palin to launch Socialist Bunker Buster organization in Nov

The Wall Street Journal reported the news of the pending launch of Sarah Palin’s new political organization, to be timed with the release of her best pre-release seller Going Rogue, An American Life. The Socialists mill around complaining about Obama’s … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Leaves The Fringe Media Shipwrecked; Reveals hidden Socialist Agendas hiding inside ObamaCare Bill; TeamSarah On Deck!

This is why she ended her Governorship ahead of schedule… to render the Socialist Zombie Troll Squad powerless to do anything meanful to block her relentless advance on Obama and his Congressional Mob of Socialists.

Today Obama is struggling against the tide sweeping over him… a tide of opposition set loose and given focus by none other than Sarah Palin.
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Palin poised to Lead the Tea Party; A Focusing of the Leaderless Grass Roots Uprising

The Sarah Palin game plan I clearly see is to gather together the millions upon millions upon millions of independent thinking grass roots voters from across party lines and from across the country and focus them on key issues and on electing the candidates who will do the job the independent Thinking American Majority Demands that they do. Continue reading

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Obama Job Approval Index hits minus 3; Sarah Palin Changes the Game; Gore calls people Nazis

What matters is what people think… and Palin, pulling nets wearing her hip waders while being interviewed by Andra Mitchell, is far more powerful than Obama using his Teleprompter in front of his hand picked Town Hall Audience SELLING his Obama Health Care Snake Oil on the heels of the Democrat Majority House of Representatives passing his Cap & Trade Energy Tax on All Americans to solve a non-existent Global Warming “Problem…” the biggest single tax increase in the history of Human Kind. Continue reading

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Socialist Political Master Race Maintains their Ownership of the Black Race as their Weapon to Gain Power

The black woman journalist sitting across from me was young and Ivy League educated, and she might have been an advertisement for any number of blessings, including good fortune. “I don’t think we can tell the story of our victimization enough,” she said. Continue reading

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