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Marxist NBC News Calls Black Conservative Allen West “Bigoted, Ignorant”

Like Governor Sarah Palin Congressman Allen West has joined the Battle Fill Your Hands You Marxist America-Hating Sons Of Bitches Listen Up NBC… KISS MY ASS YOU IGNORANT RACIST SCUMBAGGING CONSERVOPHOBIC MARXIST SONS OF BITCHES Congressman-Elect Allen West is as … Continue reading

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Pres Carter to N.Korea: I heart you, Communist Brothers

Communist China’s Flag Communist North Korea’s Flag:Progressive Jimmy Carter’s Flag: Let there be no doubt in case there be those who live in a political cave: Communist Overlords in China instigated revolution in Korea and Vietnam to further their personal … Continue reading

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When the Left starts eating their own tail, it is a direct indication of pending Socialist implosion; SNL blasts the Socialists AGAIN last evening

After watching Saturday Night Live’s Latest Bombing run on Socialism (remember them besmirching Sarah Palin to hell and back for Obama last year which helped Obama win the election?)… …and after totally laughing my fanny off watching SNL eating it’s … Continue reading

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China Delivers Economic ‘Teaching Moment’ Kick to Obama’s 睾丸

Beijing is lowering the Boom on Obama’s Massively Failing Economic Policies and they are not mincing words… and they happen to be correct. A Chinese Global Economic ‘Teaching Moment’ for the Presidential Economist-In-Chief, Barack “I’m all that and a bag … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Speaks! China Listens; Obama Overshadowed

The Socialists are not liking this one tiny bit! Sucks to be them, eh?

Let’s take a look at Sarah Palin’s talking points during her speech of Sept. 23, 2009 speech in Hong Kong, China, shall we??? Continue reading

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