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Anita is Done, Medium Well, I’d say, bye Comrade Anita, we will miss you! hahaha

The Obama Administration will be minus one more Communist Radical shortly. Anita the Dunn announced she is DUNN! going away! Finished at the White House! Thus, good citizens of America, another outed-to-the-world Obama Appointed Communist Mao Tse-Tung quoting Little Red … Continue reading

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Red China defends Anita Dunn from Glenn Beck; saying Praise of Mao is normal

Well… as the world turns. Anita Dunn? You can now rest easy knowing the People’s Republic of China’s Government Controlled News outlet, NEWS sjna not only has Barack Obama’s back but also has your back, Anita. Fellow Mao Lovers Hearts … Continue reading

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Comrade Ron Bloom hates Capitalism so Obama made him the Manufacturing CZAR; Whats not to love? (video)

Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom is the latest in a long line of White House officials who seem to just love Chairman Mao. Mao, of course, is the loving former Chinese dictator who killed 70 million people during peacetime, so what’s … Continue reading

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Anita Dunn: I turn to Communist Killer Mao Tse-Tung as my Political Philosopher (video); Update: Media Matters Defends Maoist Anita Dunn

Update: 10/16/09 10:34 am eastern: Media Matters Defends Maoist Anita Dunn When someone tells you their favorite political philosopher is Mao Tse-Tung, you can be certain you are talking to a Maoist Communist. When someone tells you their favorite political … Continue reading

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FOX News Been Pickin On Obama!! boo hoo hoo, Team Obama sobs

A formal declaration of a STATE OF WAR with a television media channel by Barack Obama, announced this week by Obama’s anti-media-insurgency field commander, Anita The Dunn, is a prime example of  The Chosen One’s refusal to stop his community … Continue reading

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