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Iran’s Feb 11 surprise? perhaps a test of a NOKO supplied nuke

Yes, it is speculation, based on what Iran could do without evoking an attack on themselves by the Allies. I perceive Iran as wishing to bait Israel into attempting a preemptive strike for the political mileage it would yield Iran. … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden: Kill America with Global WARMER ambush; Is Osama to join Obama as a Socialist Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

Osama bin Ladin knows how to kill America… do it through a world assault on its economy via the Progressive/Socialist scheme of punishment for so-called Man Made Global Warming. Are you listening to this Obama? The man just slapped your … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Crushes Barack Hussein Obama Junior; Updated

Update: Hat tip and thank you to David L Riddick (aka The Aged P) at the blog Conservatives4Palin for recognition of this blogpost with their post: Commander-In-Chief ____________________________ Sarah Palin minced few words in evaluating the National Security disaster  occurring … Continue reading

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The greatest recruitment tool of all is Al Qaeda’s successes towards its goal of World Domination in the name of Islam

Other recruitment tools of advantage to Al Qaeda are Public Figures like Chris Matthews and the company he works for, MSNBC. I think it is time Americans start considering petitioning their Congress to hold hearings on Al Qaeda enablers like … Continue reading

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Detroit Muslims Brazenly Flaunt Islamic Jihad; This is an OUTRAGE

As an Infidel and an American Citizen I am OUTRAGED and OFFENDED by the socialist permissiveness and utter arrogance of American Muslims flaunting Islamic Jihad in the Face of America! I want all perpetrators of these acts sued to the … Continue reading

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Obama to utilize Al Qaeda Johnson Bomber as tool to “Reform” America?

Obama, at the time of this writing, is hosting a White House ‘Security’ meeting with his administration key players (I wonder if SEIU Chief  Andy Stern got an invitation, lol). I suspect, if at all possible, Obama will utilize the … Continue reading

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Obama – Afganistan; He Just Can’t Deal with the Big Decisions; Instead, Forms Committee, will likely invite ACORN to help him decide

Barack’s apparent idea for Winning in Afghanistan without enough troops has General McChrystal is insisting… Send Me Enough Troops to get the job done or find my resignation on your Desk, sir! Continue reading

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