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Obama Blinks; caves to Conservative Proxies for shot calling in Afghan War; Code Pinkies signaled to back off and bake cookies

The Obama Speech on Escalating the Afghanistan War was totally predictable… totally. I can’t wait to see the Leftist foaming at the mouth realizing that even though the most radical leftist president in history is CiC, he is not running … Continue reading

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Obama Love Stimulus Package… By God, opps… I mean… By Me, I deserve worship, damn it!

The Classic Obama Dilemma: which action results in the least amount of increase in my Obama Hate Stats??? Decisions Decisions…. woo is me… woo is me… what decisions do I pick that yields the least amount of political hatred? And, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Two Faces Stimulates 912ers March to coming elections (videos)

Pre-Election OBAMA BS to get elected… Post-Election Determination of America Loving Patriots whom Pelosi and others slander and besmirch Tea-Bagger Astro-Turf Nazi Threatening Special-Interest Funded Racist Mobs of Rednecks… H/T to Tellitlikeitis for the heads-up to this video The above … Continue reading

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Jack & Squat Commander-In-Chief trades Blood for Votes; Obama delays troop reinforcements until after governor races

This is the politician who campaigned as the ‘Hope and Change’ candidate and who, as president, is the Jack and Squat Commander-In-Chief. Couple the two upcoming elections for governors of New Jersey and Virginia on November 7, 2009 with the … Continue reading

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ABC: Global Warming to Blame for Islamic Terrorism

ABC News All The News That Fit To Be Made Up Its a Fringe Media Thang You wouldn’t understand Just read this article at shrugtastic …and have to share it with everyone. Enjoy… Today, Saturday, October 10th, 2009 ABC News … Continue reading

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