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ABC CBS NBC – Kamikaze Media, Ignored Hurricane ACORN; not Your Grandfather’s Main Stream Media Anymore

Ohh… the slow motion fall from grace and relevancy has been like watching three Japanese Zeros in slow motion colliding against a mighty US Battleship… The American Main Stream Public.

First real eye opener for me was two back-to-back interviews with the GOP Vice Presidental Nominee, Sarah Palin. Enter Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson.

The Kamikaze Media’s hatred of Sarah’s charm, popularity, and political appeal, which were eclipsing Obama’s, was so thick it dripped like cold molasses down the arm of a two year old licking a spoonful of it.
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ABC Gets Whipping By Michelle Malkan re: ABC’s Barack Informercial to Sell Out Free Market Health Care to put the Government in charge

Michelle Malkin calls it like it is… This ABC Barack Infomercial to sell Government Health Care is a one sided sell out of Americans in favor of the Socialists who want to own them and their money. Continue reading

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