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Congress? You are FIRED! 5 million and counting Pink Slips arrive at Congressional Offices (video)

Oh My God! Over 5 million, and counting, personalized pink slips have arrived in Washington, DC and delivered to each congressional office of every Congress Member in Washington, DC. This is the power of Americans taking back their Country from … Continue reading

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Obama’s Two Faces Stimulates 912ers March to coming elections (videos)

Pre-Election OBAMA BS to get elected… Post-Election Determination of America Loving Patriots whom Pelosi and others slander and besmirch Tea-Bagger Astro-Turf Nazi Threatening Special-Interest Funded Racist Mobs of Rednecks… H/T to Tellitlikeitis for the heads-up to this video The above … Continue reading

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Congressional Black Caucus RACEers are the Black Version of the KKK

No members of any race shall use their race or the race of others a weapons in society or politics.

The RACERer members of the CBC are going down for it and fair minded people will see to it that it happens… and these CBC RACEers will wail all the way down to the bottom of the well… YOU ARE ALL RACISTS!

F U Congressional Black Causus RACEers… slither back to your Socialist Rock Piles. Continue reading

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A Bomb Threat Against Americans in Washington DC on 911, September 11, 2009

A bomb threat was phoned in to the DC offices of FreedomWorks and the offices were evacuated by the DC Metro Police.

This is an elevation of intimidation tactics of the Socialists who have no honor and no regard for the rule of law when faced with peaceful political defeat.

I, for one, view their behavior as self-destructive as ACORN’s behavior.

Let’s see what ABC News has to report on this behavior: Continue reading

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ACORN attacking Glenn Beck with Website? Daily Kos sending Troll Joe Lyles to Disrupt the 912 Rally in DC?

ACORN and the Friends in Political Power have now elevated Glenn Beck as their Number One Target. While pursuing Free Republic this morning I came across a very interesting entry. It appears that ACORN is the entity operating a GLENN BECK SLANDER WEBSITE.

Additionally… There is this Daily Kos Troll and former ACORN employee, Joe Lyles, who is going to Slime Patriots with “Creative Video Editing” during the 912 Project Event in Washington, DC, today.

The following alert comes from our friends and neighbors at DefendGlenn.com… Continue reading

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