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Muslim Soldiers of Allah Declared War on America 10 years ago Today, September 11, 2001

. A message to all who choose to wage war on Americans in the name of Allah… You started this war. Americans will finish it and you. You will pay with your life. Your seed will die with you. We … Continue reading

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A Terrorist can now bypass TSA security altogether via accommodation

That’s right. A terrorist can now bypass TSA security altogether by availing a just announced pilot accommodation by the TSA. All a terrorist has to do is dress in an airline pilot uniform and show two fake IDs to TSA … Continue reading

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Bill O triggers View-Extremists, Whoopi and Behar, to go Molotov over Muslims destroying the WTC

    This gets to the crux of the problem Leftists have with the Muslim-word… Every radical terrorist flying the planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was a foaming-at-the-mouth religious Muslim whack job. That said, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Obama will Torture New Yorkers; Will Try 911 Terrorist War Fighters as common criminals; sets up their walking free on basis of treatment as war fighters

Barack Hussein Obama Callously Re-Opens the Deepest of Wounds of New York City, and the Unites States of America by bringing the 911 Terrorists out of GITMO as Terrorist War Fighters and bringing them back to the scene of the … Continue reading

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911 – for my murdered friend Peter Hashem, the other passengers on AA flt 11, and all the others Murdered by the Islamic BASTARDS that day

TO ISLAMIC BASTARDS who think 911 was a great day for ISLAM – Think again DIRTBAGS. Obama will leave Office in 2012 and Your ASS KICKING WILL Continue Anew.
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