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Fringe Media: GOP roots against America; this is why you don’t send US presidents to do an emmissary’s job

What can the Fringe Media say? …after Team O³ (Omama,Obama & Opfrie) got handed their self-earned Non-Victory in Copenhagen? Fringe Media Answer: The GOP is rooting against ‘America’ « politico.com The god[sic] ship Obama got its bottom ripped out by … Continue reading

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SNL – Obama Accomplishments? Just 2, Jack & Squat (video)

SNL is now classified as a Right Wing White Supremacist Terror Group; The No-Fly List is being Updated; Federal Marshals are being briefed; Napolitano has made an emergency trip to NYC to head up the SNL Threat Task Force; SNL Sniffing Dogs are under emergency training; Tina Fey to get facial surgery to look like Valerie Jarrett; Oprah is changing her name to OhNoPrah. Continue reading

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