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Sarah Palin Speaks! China Listens; Obama Overshadowed

The Socialists are not liking this one tiny bit! Sucks to be them, eh?

Let’s take a look at Sarah Palin’s talking points during her speech of Sept. 23, 2009 speech in Hong Kong, China, shall we??? Continue reading

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Obama Brass Knuckles Tactics; The Thug-In-Chief to CBO and Blue Dogs: you’ll be political road kill under my Thug-Bus

Barack Obama is revealing the dark side of Chicago Tactics as he makes threats and mounts Intimidation Attacks on the CBO and the DEM Blue Dogs.

Imagine what he would do to you if you got in his way of Destroying the Free Market System which created America’s Greatness and replacing it with Socialism; asegway to Communism, Obama Style. Continue reading

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Barack Obama – An Angry Black Man in the Wright House; America Pushes Back against Socialist Agenda Promotion of “Black-On-White Spanking Moments”

“The Cambridge Police Department Acted Stupidly” will follow Obama to the end of days… He meant every word of it and he said it because The Socialist Agenda, his Agenda, uses RACE as a Weapon against Conservatives… in other words, against Whites in this country, and continues to brow beat American Citizens for Slavery to this day. Why? Because it is Socialist “Victimology 101.” Well… The President got shoved back by the American Public, by both Black Americans and White Americans. The only ones to back the President’s anti-white racism are his anti-white racist Pals. Continue reading

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Obama, thus NBC; Frightened over Birth Certificate Issue as ObamaCare runs aground in committee; attempts fruitless clean-up

It has just been announced that Obama’s Federal Health Takeover Bill is stalled in committee and will not be voted on until some time in September. Bad news for The Enchanted One… as his Credibility is Sinking Like a Hot Air Balloon with a gaping hole which is widening daily. Yet Obama does only what he knows how to do… campaign like he was running for president against the dreaded GOP. People wake up when they hear the same BS out of his mouth everyday… day in and day out. Continue reading

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Palin poised to Lead the Tea Party; A Focusing of the Leaderless Grass Roots Uprising

The Sarah Palin game plan I clearly see is to gather together the millions upon millions upon millions of independent thinking grass roots voters from across party lines and from across the country and focus them on key issues and on electing the candidates who will do the job the independent Thinking American Majority Demands that they do. Continue reading

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Obama Honeymoon Officially Over; Go have Hotdogs with Sociopaths, Mr Appeaser-In-Chief

The more public sentiment astute members of White House Press Corps FINALLY ended the Obama Honeymoon yesterday.

While the Liberal Media’s own love affair is not yet over, there is now a biting public sentiment of disgust with the Liberal Media’s fawning over Barack; a fawning that is being judged for what it really is… Political Propaganda for fun and profit. Continue reading

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Obama Approval Index at Minus 2; Voters Watch him enjoy ice cream while Irans citizens die for freedom; Way to Go Barack, voter eyes are opening

It happened folks.. Obama’s attitude concerning Iran Voters Dying in the streets asking a simple question… Where Is My Vote as the Iran Supreme leader orders Militia, Police, and the Army to attack them for protesting?
Continue reading

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