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Another Lying Libbie Wonker re: the SCOTUS 9-0 Wal-Mart Decision – “GOP war against women” By Brent Budowsky-TheHill(.dem)

What’s not to mock? …a raging Libbie Wonker Political Activist fabricating a lie then using that lie as “proof” something horrid and ghastly just happened and going ideologically postal. 🙂 I now take up the case of one Mr. Brent … Continue reading

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Liberal Racism and Violence Against SCOTUS

Have you ever heard the old adage, people accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of? Here is living proof of the truth of that adage: These Progressive/Socialist/Liberal bastards have revealed themselves as what they falsely accuse Conservatives of … Continue reading

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Left’s Racist attacks against Black Conservatives Increasing

If you are an American who speaks out against the dangers of Socialism, and happen to be black, you are marked for racist attacks by the Democrat Party. Thou shalt not have an independent view of politics else you are … Continue reading

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Hey Valerie Jarrett? Here’s some Bias! Go Declare War On It! snicker sincker

The Only Good Bias is YOUR Bias, Right Valerie??? AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA So-Called ‘Truth to Power’ speaker, Valerie Jarrett runs when confronted with her slobbering love affair of MSNBC’s Obama Worshiping Bias: Valerie Jarrett Get’s Punked on CNN for attacking FOX News … Continue reading

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Racist Daily Kos tells Black Politician to Shove It

Seems the Socialists reserve the right to use out right Racism against Conservatives be they black or white… yet the Socialists fabricate false charges of Racism against any and all who do not bow down to their Messiah, Obama the Enchanted One. Continue reading

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Socialist Congresswoman Racist Diane Watson Worships Fidel Castro and Hates Capitalism

Socialist/Communist Diane Watson has gone on record as a Socialist and a Racist who Worships Fidel Castro and his Communist Regime. Gee… Barack Obama is too smart to publicly reveal his own love of Communism for it would be an admittance that the Change he is Hell Bent on Bringing Down on Americans is in fact, Pure Communism.
But… that is not the case with Diane Watson who publicly Celebrates Communism. And, make no mistake, Diane Watson is all for RACISM and uses it with Zest on any Political Critic of Obama. Continue reading

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Barack Obama the Internet Spammer; White House has broken the LAW; Spamming Americans with their ObamaCare Spam e-Mail is Highly Illegal; Major Garrett vs Robert Gibbs

Robert Gibbs, Mr Smiley the Wealth Spreader’s Media Talking Head, struggles when confronted with statement from Major Garrett that the White House has been caught RED HANDED sending out SPAM (unsolicited e-mail promotions). Continue reading

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