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Obama pimping black bloggers on Oct-11-10 to do the bidding of WH directed propaganda

Obama outright pimping* black liberal bloggers on October 11, 2010, leading up to the midterm elections to use race as a tool to further the Socialist Agenda via Obama Administration supplied propaganda. Both Liberal and Conservative Black Bloggers are taking … Continue reading

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Gallup Poll discovers: 36% of America wants what belongs to everyone else

American Socialists Admit it and Gallup Reports it. Audacious? Shameless? Unrepentant? yes, yes and yes Socialism Viewed Positively by 36% of Americans February 4, 2010 by Frank Newport Majority of Americans positive on capitalism, entrepreneurs, free enterprise, and small business … Continue reading

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Another Senator Escaped from the Socialist Funny Farm! ROFL

Hey Senator Whitehouse? I want Barack Obama to Fail! OMG! Does it get better than this??? Another Senator Escaped from the Socialist Funny Farm! Looks like Senator Alan Grayson’s Mental Disorder is contagious! When a Senator has an emotional melt … Continue reading

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The self-distruction of Socialism unfolds before our eyes; the Polls tell the Story

The reason Socialism has such a foothold is the Lame Stream Media. The Socialists own the Lame Stream Media. Why else do stories like Climategate, ACORN, SEIU offenses, and white washing of Obama and the Socialist Congress happen 24/7? And … Continue reading

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Is Obama offended by Norway’s ‘whiteness?”; BHO snubs royalty and concert but likely will blame Bush for it

Obama did, in Oslo, Norway, one of the few things Obama knows how to do… deliver a speech. Speeches are given by every Leader… it is common. Action is what Leaders are truly judged by… harmful action and beneficial action… … Continue reading

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Breaking: Obama announces proposals aimed at saving a job, His

Obama just announced his brand spanking new agendas to create jobs… What the hell was the $787 Billion Stimulus bill for? We will have to actually get our hands on this new Socialist Plan to Un-Stimulate Jobs Loss… and likely … Continue reading

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Stimulus Funds funneled $6 million Payola to Campaigning Firms?

Well… I, for one, am hardly surprised if this did happen. After all, I saw and vetted the following video as truthful… Following is an Article from The Hill… Mark Penn’s two firms got $6 million from stimulus for PR … Continue reading

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Number of Democrats Falls to Four-Year Low, so says Rasmussen Poll; butt kicking of Socialsim mounts

Selling Socialism to Americans A DEM Load Too Heavy American Voters are dissociating in record numbers from the DEM Party which has in thirty days lost an additional two percent. This brings the total of DEM Membership loss for the … Continue reading

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Fact Checking the WhiteHouse.Gov Blog’s propaganda

hat tip to commenter M2 M2 said: Wow, check this out! The WH goes after Krauthammer (who also wrote the best article of his career I think), f this WH and their targeting of private citizens!!!!!!! What Charles Kruthammer … Continue reading

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